Texas… Round 3

Every year I fly to see my bff in the whole world for a quick, 24 hour turn around trip. This time, I had decided that I would go out for a whole weekend. Since my birthday was last weekend and Becky’s boyfriend was this weekend, it seemed like the perfect thing to do. They rented a cabin on the river and the plan was to have a 3-4 hour float down the river. The boys, being boys, found a way to stake out a place where we didn’t have to pay $10 per person (there was 9 of us total) and had a longer float.

Well. Our 3-4 hour float wound up being 9 hours long. I am from Southern California, born and bred. When I think of going through water at dusk, the last thing I think of floating around me would be WATER SNAKES. We saw two swimming across the river. Scared the beegezus out of me. I know all about fish and tadpoles and such things like that. It was totally creepy. This little thing had its head poked out of the water and was swimming away. It didn’t seem to interested in us, but that is besides the point. I was swimming with WATER SNAKES!!! We finally managed to get to the pick up place… we had 9 inner tubes and two rubber float boats holding our ice chest and radio and by the time we got … about half way or so… we were out of booze and the radio had died. The water became ankle deep and then we had to drag the tied together floats through the shallow part. It was an interesting time. A great time.

All of us girls ditched our tops once we were not around any other people and it was awesome to not be the only small booby girl there. Everyone else had small boobies too! Luckily the sun didn’t burn my poor white patches other wise, I might be crying right now. It was nice to float down the river (or just stand there still since there wasn’t a flow sometimes) and nobody was around and have my top off and have not a care in the world. Except for the park rangers and the dad and little boy on the canoe. Other than THEM, no one was on the lake.

This was before we left, still tying the tubes together, getting the most awesome radio ready to board the boat…

THIS magnificent invention is a deck, battery and a sub with some speakers in an ice chest. All we had to do was hook up a phone and viola! We had music all the way down the river until the phone ran out of battery. It stayed dry too, which was amazing since everything seemed to get wet.

The river we floated down. It is the top, near the drop off spot and we floated down this for 5 miles. Should have only taken us… 2-4 hours (at the most) but since we took our own way, 9 hours later…. we reached our destination.

By the time we reached our pick up spot, this is what the day had turned into. We all were burnt, tired, drunk and exhausted. Yet we succeeded on our river float!!


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