Weird Wednesday

I’m sitting in my parents living room. Its a weird day today. The sun is shining on the backyard, but we have gray-blue thunderclouds hovering in the near distance. I am watching “Locked up Abroad” which is an excellent show in its own right. Just watched the episode where the 70’s made the movie “Midnight Express”. It was pretty good. Scary how third world countries are.

Back to the living room. I am sitting in a leather chair, in my jammies (still… i know.. its 728pm. I didn’t feel like getting dressed today!), my sister is sitting in the other love seat reading something about her zodiac sign, my mom is cooking in the kitchen and my brother is taking out the trash. The doggy, is following the brother. Its just such a weird day today! I’m exhausted, not able to wake up, and we are a bunch of bums right now.

Its nice though. I like these off days. I talked to the Scottish ex for a few hours today over Face Time. Once again we are getting back to talking all the time… sending emails, writing, sending pictures, no matter what we always manage to stay in contact and stay connected in some way. He is planning a trip to Ca soon. Just not sure when. He spoke to the fam today which I’m sure he enjoyed.

Too tired to even type today. Wtf is wrong today???


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