Goofing off

Well, this is going to be out of order. I should be documenting my Hawaii trip right now, but that will take some time and I just don’t feel up to documenting it right now. So tired. However, i am going to upload a video from last night. Its nights like this, that make me feel alive and leaves a smile on my face. We are not dressed to go out (I’m not anyway), my hair is pulled up, no makeup, in a room, listening to music. Last night was such a good night and I am reliving the night over and over. Met a super cool dude who is just awesome and likes to have as much fun (if not more!) than me, other people were there and they were partaking in the festivities of FUN.wordpress won’t let me upload… so i will change the format and upload a different way.

Okay. Damn thing won’t accept how its saved so, I just might have to do it later.


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