Kauai. 2011

Okay, i went to Hawaii about … 3 weeks ago or so. I am totally lagging on the updating this ish. There are not words to express how amazing this place was. First off, it was with family that I hardly see, so that was amazing in one way, and then the 2nd thing amazing about it was just the island itself! Its late, and I am tired right now… but I can still upload some pictures. 🙂

The tree in front of the vet. How I wish I could have packed him into my bag. Damn carry on’s and gosh darn customs!

I am all about the insect world and this lil guy was too gorgeous to pass up

My very first beach in Hawaii. It was a small beach right off the road. The water was delightful and the company even more so. (Yeah, I’m talking about you Auntie!)

There was a park up the road that we went to. The colors of the trees were amazing! It looked like someone had a paint ball fight.

SEE?! Amazing.

**I created a page along the top called “Kauai” that were my blogs as I was there and could remember everything.**


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