Self Construction

I moved back home into Mom’s art room. Well, this room didn’t have a door. I have been here full time since end of May and always hung a sheet over the door, no biggie. Recently I have been wanting a door just cos. I forget that I’m at home and try to wander around my room in bra and undies and realistically? I want a door. I can play my music a bit louder cos it won’t travel down the hallway….

We have a pretty sweet laundry room. With a door. See where this is going?

Brother takes off the door to the laundry room, Mom sands down part of the door jamb so it will fit and then I assist Mom putting the door back on my room. First the screws wouldn’t stay in, and then we figured that some how the drill was on reverse. Once we got the screws all in, and the door was working! It was even and every thing! Mom and i were so proud of ourselves for rearranging the doors. We were slightly worried that the door knob wouldn’t fit in the door jamb. When i went to close the door, I noticed this small problem:

Apparently we forgot to do the most important thing and MEASURE the width of the door. We eyeballed it and figured it would work. My door is now about an inch too narrow. My mother? Is the wife of a professional door hanger. Dad hung doors for most of his union career.

However, I’m  not complaining since… I HAVE A DOOR!!!!!


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