…and you wonder why you are single?

I went out last night as a “Wing Woman” to assist my friend, Amb who was meeting a guy  she didn’t know. Us girls must stick together and safety in numbers!! Amb had a friend that she claimed I would hit it off with because we both have something in common… tattoos! That really is a great conversation starter, not gonna lie. So I meet him. And want to run in the other direction. Not only was his physical features what I am not normally attracted to (personal preference – i don’t like guys who wear their hair in braids, tight  pony tails (nubs) Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t care for it).

Well, it wasn’t exactly like this, but similar. Some girls love it, just not my particular style.

I am not gonna judge someone based on how they wear their hair since I usually forget to brush my own mop, my eyebrows are normally crooked and since I have been out of school, I generally am make up free 90% of the time.

It was his personality that got to me. When I first meet someone, especially a guy that I might be interested in, I don’t act like an obnixous oaf. It may come out if I drink too much, but for the most part I can keep my shit together. This guy however, did not know how to treat someone, anyone!

Upon first meeting him (I shall call him Jack Ass) he noticed I had a 12 pack of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon for anyone out there that was stumped) he asked if I drank it because I liked it (yes) or drank it because it was “the thing to do”. Whoa. Apparently I am not a true “die-hard fan” of PBR since I did not have the logo tattooed on my forearm like him.

I may be super poor, but I actually like PBR, minus the occasional headache it gives me.

As we were driving to the apartment he got into an argument with me about the way a guy thinks. Yes, he may be a guy and I am a girl, but when two girls show up at a (for the most part, single and straight) dudes house, somewhere in their mind, they will wonder if they are going to score. Tell me one guy who says that is not what they think, and I will show you a liar. 🙂 I told him in my experience that is usually what guys might hope for. He then ridiculed me on “my experience”. And this is the guy who thought he was going to score with me later that night.

We pull into the apartment and I casually mention my good friend used to live there and Amb is saying that her bff lives there and Jack Ass in the back pipes up, “I don’t really care to tell you the truth.” Well, good thing we were not talking to you buddy!

We arrive at the pool and we are sitting around the table, drinking beer and waiting for the grill to heat up. Jack Ass makes a  snide remark to his friend that we “tried to get him a chick for tonight but no such luck” (reinforcing my previous statement that all guys just want to get laid) and labeling me as his “chick” for the night. I made it abundantly clear that I was in no way shape or form interested in him. I don’t like being mean, but then again, I don’t like it when guys are rude to me for no apparent reason.

The night wore on and we go back to the apartment and have a few shots (Black Velvet. Ugh) and Jack Ass tries to get me to dance with him. I am forced to turn him down yet again because I don’t want to encourage crazy. He huffs around in a pouty way and starts in on shots, saying he does not wait for anyone (rude) and he does what he wants (lame). Since I was trying to be polite and he liked metal, I told him about my brothers band (Cease to Be). He asked what type of metal and for the life of me I couldn’t remember it. He then asked if I would describe how my brother dressed and I began explaining he wore Dickie shorts and flannels and Jack Ass decided he was a “hardcore kid” hahah no. Not hardcore at all. I mean, yeah they might sound like it a bit but that is not the type of music it is. We got into this huge discussion almost argument because he had to judge how the band dressed against what genre of music they are. I wanted to smack him upside the head and scream at him “THIS is why you are single!”  eventually Jack Ass finally falls asleep on the couch and we are off to have a good time of shots, beer and chasing pussy (the 4 legged furry animals).

Guys seriously crack me up sometimes. I wonder why they think they can behave like a baboon and its okay.


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