Technology Can Go…

I am having one of those “rare” days where every time I am online, attempting to make the internet connect or trying to get various gadgets to work, they all decide to fail me at once.


Example 1: my beloved most favorite camera was dropped face down, lens open in the sand about two years ago.

Naturally, it stopped working and then was out of date. Ever since then, I have had nothing but problems. My mother (bless her) gave me her old camera so she could go finally purchase a new one she has been eyeballing. This camera she gave me is a bit fancier than I am used to, but it did its job. Took pictures and video like a good camera should. Over the past six months I was noticing that half the picture would turn out blurry. Then the lens started to not close and once again, another camera died on me. I sneakily borrowed the father’s camera because I knew he never used it. Dinosaur status! I could barely take pictures with it! The screen is small and I can barely read what is displayed, settings wise. I have been doing some research and I am ready to not spend at least $200 on a camera that is supposed to last longer than two years. I have a few in my sight… just have to pull together those dollars to make it happen.

Example 2: Laptop vs. TV. All I wanted to do today was watch cartoons in the dark because I woke up feeling under the weather. I did my usual apply for at least seven jobs and then I wanted to curl up and sleep off the sneezing attack I have had all day. Simple right? It is next to impossible to hook up a Macbook with an Ancient TV. I realized today in order to do that, I would have to buy many cables to attach everything together only for it most likely not to work.

Since nothing cooperated today, the internet ran slow, pages won’t load, computers were freezing, TV won’t cooperate with boxes, I decided it must mean that I have to read a book. Or better yet, take a few Benadryl so I can go to sleep and wake up in a way better mood tomorrow morning.



(All images borrowed from Google Images)


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