Its Stress Time!

I woke up the other day with the familar itch to get a new tattoo (finish my girl on my arm, finish my dragon on my side and a martini glass on my ankle and a praying mantis on my other ankle) get some killer heels from Iron Fist, and move out of my parents house. These three things all cost one thing I don’t have: Money.

Since my realization, I have been hitting my town hard. I am on Craigslist, Monster, JobFox Networking, Job Search Agent, SimplyHired, Indeed, and then I check the newspapers on line and then I walk around in my interview black outfit in the blistering heat, circling the mall, shopping centers and come Monday morning, business parks. I am determined. I don’t really remember the job market being so difficult. When I was a wee one, I would go out where ever, put in an application, have a on-the-spot interview and be hired! Easy-peasy. Not anymore.

I am a Gemini, and I can not be idle. After my last semester, I enjoyed the break I had. One month later, I am ripping my hair out, trying to find a new hobby or find a job. Apparently drinking beer is not considered a hobby!  Looking for a job actually has become my new hobby. Its productive and I get to be outside! Not helping my tan since I am fully covered up in an attempt to hide my tattoos. I have even gone back to the office to see if there is ANYTHING I can do. Most of the time I just sit there on my phone, goofing off. That is even better than sitting at home staring at the walls, feeling myself go crazy. I haven’t even wanted to blog, that is how bad my boredom has been.

The other night I was sitting in my oven-style room (we have a heat wave from hell and the air doesn’t quite reach my room. Lucky me!) and I could feel the familiar wave of panic. I took a Benadryl to go to sleep and I awoke with stress blisters! I hate those things!! I realized that I MUST be stressing even though I am trying to force it away.  So the only thing I could think of releaving my stress was to bake!

I am now sitting here, at my parents kitchen table at 10:02pm baking my tail feathers off. When I stress bake, I want to give away what I make, almost as if I am “giving away my stress.” I’m not technically giving my stress to these people, but it makes me happy to see other people enjoy my baking. I now have two different kinds of cookies. No lemon bars because I don’t have powdered sugar, but that should come tomorrow or so.

Peanut Butter cookies. Turned out a bit flat but the taste is still thick. 🙂

These cookies were a bit different. I took a chocolate chip cookie recipe, put in some unsweetened cocoa and instead of peanut butter chips, I put in butterscotch chips. From what I heard, they turned out well. 🙂

Now, since I have baked my stress out, its time to go watch cartoons. A toss up between….


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