The Economy Crashes: Out Comes The Crooks!

One would think while the economy is at a low, the good in people would come out and everyone would band together to support one another.


I am not sure what planet I was living on, believing good in fellow mankind, but apparently I was living in the wrong one. I am not basing this on a one isolated instance, but on a few where people are down and out mean!

First one, back to the family business… I may strongly dislike working there part of the time but I will be damned if someone tries to screw over MY family and OUR good intentions. This older lady wanted a piece of furniture made. We don’t technically make furniture but they were hell-bent on having us do it since they saw our craftmanship on someone else’s kitchen. It was for a TV, but it looked like a base for a hutch. It was beautiful. Should have been in a fancy furniture store. There is one catch. People don’t understand wood grain. Wood grain is part of the natural wood surface. No two pieces of wood are identical, just like no two fingerprints are the same. I thought that was common knowledge, but it is not. The wife began huffing and puffing about the wood grain. We explained the concept of wood and its grain to her and she seemed to accept it. Then she wanted the stain to match the kitchen. She gave us a sample, we matched it perfectly and then she claimed it was the wrong shade. We re-finished the base for her, at no extra cost, just because that is how we do business. She signed off for the second match and then said it was the wrong shade. She insisted on looking at it in direct sunlight, which will obviously be a different shade than her indoor kitchen cabinets. She demanded that we do the stain over, at no extra charge to her. We refused. Long story short, she didn’t want her furniture “distressed” once again going back to the wood grain not matching her kitchen cabinets, said the stain was wrong and refused to pay the remainder of her contract. She claimed since we did not do it to her liking, we should just give it to her at the cost she paid. Yeah right. This couple took us to small claims court and the judge just laughed at her. There was no argument on their side. The judge settled that they had to pay a few hundred less than the balance. Sheesh.

Next point in this crooks blog, is our old mechanic. He has screwed me over by $150 extra dollars he tacked onto the bill without even mentioning it to me and then refused to give me my keys till I paid it. I argued that the quote was different from the actual price and no one called to tell me it would be higher. His wife sat there with a dumb look on her face and told me there was nothing she could do. I handled it very smoothly and told her that the company she worked for are worthless and she should be ashamed of herself. I paid the extra $150 but not without making a huge fuss that required some crying and swearing. I swore I would never go to him again, and I haven’t. My father has known this guy for ages and swears up and down he is a nice guy. My brother’s vehicle had an unfortunate accident of having the gas tank removed. We took it to the shop and the owner, been in business for 22 years whom should have known better, left a relatively new, lifted jeep outside the shop. Next morning, the owner came to the shop and the jeep was sitting on blocks. All four tires and rims STOLEN. The owner claimed he would replace them (as he should! It was his bad for leaving the car out) and then said we had to pay half for the tires. $1400 worth of tires. Yeah, okay buddy. The owner left us waiting for 3 months. He promised it would be done and then claimed it wasn’t done yet. He couldn’t “find” the tires. However, he is a TIRE SHOP. We bought the tires originally from him. My brother is at times, a total hot head. We blame it on the Norwegian in us since we are all temperamental at times. He went into the shop after once again the jeep was promised a return and blew up. Granted, that wasn’t the correct way to handle a situation, however, sometimes people need to yell to be heard. The owner freaked out and called my dad, whining about how he was yelled at, forgetting to mention he has been making false promises this whole time.

The owner worked out a deal with my dad that he would fix the jeep in exchange for boat cabinets. Needless to say, that didn’t work and the owner demanded that he pay for a new gas tank. My brother sold his dirt bike, paid $900 to for a new gas tank and was given an old, dirty gas tank.

Next, the jeep’s computer was suddenly magically fried from a offroading trip my brother took over a year ago. I am not a mechanic, but an off-road vehicle or one designed to off-road, why would the computer chip be in danger of getting wet or muddy? And if it was fried, how did my brother travel over up the California coast to Oregon? I started going to the shop with my brother to act as a “witness” so the owner couldn’t make up stories about how he was treated. We told him, under no circumstance do you touch the anything else but the tires. Apparently the closest computer was in Detroit and he no doubt had to charge hundreds of dollars to get it put back together and shipped out here and blah blah blah.

Luckily for us, we picked up the jeep yesterday and had it towed home. The jeep was a bit thirsty, put some gas in it and … come to find out … the computer if completely fine. He is missing fuses!

My dad and this owner have been friends for years. The owner has screwed around with our pocketbooks for years, overcharging and making up false prices. We all knew he was a bad, horrible person, but my dad insisted on seeing the good in people. We now have our vehicles back, somewhat in tact and I know… not everyone is as honest and trusting as we are.


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