Living Backwards

I think I was born in the wrong state.

I began my life in Newport Beach, CA 29-ish (okay fine, 31-ish years ago) and have been somewhere around California ever since. When I was a wee one, I lived up in Idaho but I do not really remember that. I lived abroad for a year, which was pretty cool but I am not one for England either. It was too different. Not in a bad way at all, just too different from what I am seeking. I’ve been in Murrieta most of my life, once a rural small town and now it has exploded to 100,000 people plus and it occasionally has the small town feel.

I think I belong in the South. I LOVE it there. My first experience in the south was technically Georgia. Or maybe Texas. It was over there anyway. It was lovely. California is full of “pretentious snobs”. Not all of them, of course. I try not to judge a state by their inhabitants, but I have lived here long enough and dealt with the people who live here and I can speak on good authority. Some may consider me a pretentious snob and if they do, it means they do not know what that word means.  According to The Free Dictionary, pretentious means :a. Making a claim to distinction or importance, esp undeservedly. b. Having or creating a deceptive outer appearance of great worth “ostentatious” There you have it.

Reasons why I love the South. Some things I have not had the pleasure to see as of yet, but one day I will. 🙂

I know we have dirt related sports and races… but mudding is so much fun. 🙂 Jason took me out before and it was just amazing. Mud in general is just way fun.

I would love to one day come face to face with one of these guys while I am safely on a boat.





The open roads of Texas with not a hill in sight. I know there is traffic there like everywhere but for once it would be different! I would stare at Texas license plates instead of California.



Fire Flies!!! Totally on my list to see in real life. How effing cool are they?




The houses in Georgia are breathtaking. I love all the columns and fancy-ness of the building. To live in one.. would probably be a full-time job. I will settle for vacationing for now. 🙂







This, regardless if real or fake is pure genius!


I WILL get to the South. In a matter of time it will happen. And I can finally live out all my dreams of livin’ and breathin’ pure country. 🙂



















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