Hey, it’s only ten years!

21 vs. 31. Is it really that big of a deal?

For every time I lied to a guy about my age in my younger years, I am sorry. The feeling of realizing I am hanging out with a youngster (younger than I thought) is quite unsettling. I then wonder what else was a fib? He felt the need to tell me a week later, which is nice I suppose. It must say something though. I, 31 years old can still pull a 21-year-old. Who will meet me for coffee and pick me up from my parents house. Perhaps my age intimidated him and he felt the need to say he was older than he was. Hmmm.

I wasn’t planning a future with this kid. Heck, I didn’t look past next week. Other love(s) are still tied up in my brain and that will prevent me from getting too close to anyone. However, I am all about companionship! I love to go out for a drink or tea or have good conversation etc etc with a person.

He kept mentioning high school and at the age of 23, usually people have two or three years of bar experiences under their belt and don’t really think about the torturous four years of their life. However, it now makes sense. And why he likes 18 year old’s. He is a baby!! 🙂

From this weekend adventure (yes, I hung out with said 23-year-old all weekend) I learned the following things:

1. 21-year-olds still believe they are invincible and nothing will happen to them, like STDs. So, condoms are a waste of time and bare back is the way to go. We were talking about *ahem* stuff and I asked him when the last time he was tested. He seemed rather taken back by my question. He said he never has been tested. Then I scared him and I believe he will go get tested now. I told him how he a possible carrier of HPV and could be infecting girls and he wouldn’t know it and not wearing a condom is a perfect way to spread it. The look on his face was priceless.

2. 21-year-olds still believe that in order to have sex with someone it must be wild and crazy alll the time. We were discussing the pros and cons and he was telling me unless its wild and crazy, he is bored and isn’t interested in it. I thought all dudes were happy with any type of sex and just stoked they didn’t have to jack off for once. I guess that must be my “age” showing.

3. Everybody drinks coffee at Starbucks. Last time I was at Starbucks without a lap top and a bunch of text books and sat down for any length of time before I met him, I was 21.

4.  No matter what the age, we are still at our parents house.

5. It is just as mortifying being 31 and at someone’s house when they come home unexpectedly as it was when I was 16. We were hanging out talking about something, I don’t remember and I was waiting for him to get ready to take me home and we heard this tiny voice from the garage. Apparently his sister (whose house we were at) came home early from Havasu and I was still there. We sat up and jumped away from each other and my heart was jack hammering in my chest. These people have never met me and to have some strange (old) girl in their house… I feel for them. I was hoping to be gone by then but hey ho. We were caught.

6. High school classics are all the same. We both loved all the books that is required reading for high school. Who doesn’t like Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mocking Bird?

7. We share the same dislike for crazy girls.

8. His friends are creative and will strap a skateboard to a boogie board and go down hills. How is that NOT fun??

All in all, it was a good weekend. Learned some new bands (Terror) and had a pleasant relaxing weekend. I am still shocked that I was duped by a youngin’





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