Ooops, that was not supposed to go to YOU!

In this modern-day technology enhanced world, one would assume that communication is much better than ever before. We can find out who, what, where and when people are doing what. Cell phones have gradually become hand-held computers and can do anything we want them to! Except send text messages to the right people. Communication

Android. **Shakes Fist**

I have an Android and while I think it is pretty damn fun with all of the apps and instant access to Facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, email, the internet, maps, Pandora, etc etc, it seems to FAIL at sending a simple text message to the right person. I used to believe this is called, “user error” but it happens to more people than only myself and we all can not be technology stumped individuals.

One of my best accidentally sent messages was to an ex-boyfriend. I was stuck in traffic and sent this to my dude friend, “If I have to sit in this traffic for one more F**king moment, I will seriously unleash on all of these cars.” Ex-boyfriend has never seen me angry.Nor was ex-boyfriend supposed to receive any messages from me. I was trying to play it cool and not text him. That inevitably sparked a conversation.

Another accident of Android. I was texting yet another dude friend and we were planning a double date. So I sent my mom, “Well when do you want to plan this date? You got a hot guy for me?” Naturally my mom responded with something along the lines of “I will find one. Can I play matchmaker?!” Its one thing to talk to a parent about hot guys but quite another to ask for a hot guy date! 

Just this morning I made another FAIL on Android. I met this dude awhile back and hit him up yesterday. We chatted for a few and then I went to text him this morning. Well I was calling Marci I accidentally called said guy. Holy bageezus. I already sent him a text this morning and now I am calling? Hello Stalker Status!! I was even thinking as I was calling Marci, “Lady, you JUST called me, why are you not picking up?” Well, I know the reason. Duh. I called the wrong person. Correction. ANDROID called the wrong person.

Luckily I am not the only one. I have recieved funny messages from people who I was not the intended recipient. I’ve sent out pictures to wrong people. Almost a game at how accurate we can get the messages out. I try to triple check when I am sending forbidden words to someone. Heaven forbid I send it to the wrong person.

Android, thank you for making me look like a crazy stalker this morning. I am sure said guy really needed that extra phone call.

All photos borrowed from – images. Thanks 🙂


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