Be careful whatcha ask for!

I was out the other night at my local watering hole with my brother and a few of his band mates and Marci. I call them “My Protectors” since they are all huge guys who are quite intimidating when they walk in a group. Last weekend I was laughing about a 21-year-old hitting on me and then this weekend I had a 60-year-old guy.

First off, he thought I was 25, 26 tops and then didn’t believe me when I said I was 31. So creepy that he thought I was YOUNGER than I actually was. He bought my beer and then stated that I’m “too tiny” to drink that much beer which was the 2nd creepy thing. Jason intercepted during our conversation and handled it for me. Told the guy that he was Marci’s cousin, my brother was outside and Lance, (the most buff one there) was my boyfriend. Said 60-year-old wasn’t too distracted from his mission.

Later on in the night he came back up to me and asked me out for dinner. He let it slip out that he was separated. I took my opening and ran with it. I have learned, if I say I am not interested in people, than they try to convince me why “they are not like that”. I shouldn’t have to be convinced by anything and his charming personality should have shown me his true colors. I told him I don’t involve myself with separated men and then came the trying to convince me why it is okay.

By this time, Randy has had quite a few drinks and suddenly got pissed off that an older man (30 years older than me anyway) was hitting on me and took care of it. I don’t know what he said exactly, but that man didn’t look or talk to me the rest of the night.

At least, the positive aspect of this whole situation is that guys, from 21 to 60 are attracted to me. Always a plus. Now, if I can only find a normal one who is my age….


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