Behind Every Cloud There Is A Chance of Lightning

I was driving over the Ortega’s the other day (Tuesday evening to be exact) and I was thinking about my AWESOME time in Vegas and all the amazing people I met and I realized, I have to get out. Like yesterday. I live in a small town and the whole place shuts down at midnight. After being in Vegas and coming out of the clubs that close at 5am, I realized I need a change.

I attend school in Costa Mesa, about an hour commute north of where I live. Not too bad, I only do it once a week and I also work for the family business and that has been tough as I live with my boss and co-worker. SO. I feel stuck. And change must happen soon.

Yesterday, I receive a text message from my father/boss and he tells me there is no work in the office for the next month. Was I…. was I just laid off from my barely paying job?? I mean I know I live at home and stuff and my working usually equals a tank of gas… but was I laid off?? I sat on that thought for about … ten minutes before I realized what that meant.


This is my chance at freedom from the family business (as much as I love my job, I don’t like to work so close with family – no offence). I promptly called a school I have been looking at and made an appointment to see what type of Bachelor’s I could obtain with my 90+ community college credits (after explaining to her what I would like to do, she steered me in the direction of Communications. Oh yes.) I go back on Monday to sort out financial aid and I should be able to start as soon as November, fingers crossed. AND I can graduate in as soon as a year and a half if I really buckle down and get my ish done.

Next I decided that I MUST move and am looking to move out by December 1st into a city where I might, just might, have some sort of fighting chance at finding a job, unlike Riverside County who has been in a hiring freeze for what seems like forever. Not to mention my friend from England is coming out for New Years and I can not bring him back to my parents house and this boring town. Gotta go somewhere FUN with a night life and really show him what Southern California is all about.

I am quite pleased. What should be a bummer has turned into the biggest blessing in disguise. I am quite shocked at how fast I moved on this. I have been talking, talking, talking about it, trying to make it work and I just could not figure it out. Now, it seems to be falling into place.

I just have to find a homeless shelter up there where I can continue to volunteer.


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