Laid Off, Hired… Now what the eff do I do??

I was laid off by my father two weeks ago. I was dirt poor broke and just came back from Vegas (!) where I had a grand ole time that left me super poor. Two days back from Nevada, I was laid off with a nice text message saying, “There is no work for the next month. thx dad”. Fucking great.

Instead of being depressed about this whole situation, I charged forward and found another job. After three stressful interviews I landed the marketing job that I so wanted. They conduct background checks so, figuring I would be upfront and honest about it, I told them about my dui’s that happened eight and five years ago. I really wanted this said job and I THOUGHT I was being proactive by telling them first. Nope, not the case. Seems that since I was acting concerned about the job they figured something might be up and have not allowed me in the field just in case I was a liability. Which I totally understand. However, I am now sitting at Starbucks because I have nothing to do during the day because I cleared it thinking I was going to be working crazy long hours with a crazy long commute.

LUCKILY, I called University of Phoenix and got some stuff to do and a meeting next Wednesday to get my schooling going. Just waiting on financial aid to clear and I am in. So that is super cool and I have SOMETHING to do during my day.

I am bummed though because I was all set to work like crazy, move out and get up to LA and begin my life. Now I am waiting for the next few days, waiting for my background check to clear (which it should since it cleared for the Red Cross) and bid my time. Do I start looking for another job in the meantime “just in case” or just wait around for a “maybe” phone call?

Not sure, but my blogging is being stopped because a friend needs help on a gay quiz. Yes, this is what my life has come to. Answering gay quiz questions at Starbucks, hanging out with the younger generation.



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