Times Are A-Changing!

I have disappeared for about two months off of this thing. My writing has ceased while I was very distracted by a certain person of the opposite sex. Funny how that works eh?

It all started out simply enough. Halloween, heading to a life long friends house for her birthday/Halloween celebration and then… I noticed this dude. I mean, we went to high school together and chatted here and there and he actually helped me hand out food to the needy before and there was never really anything there. We were just friends.

After Halloween he was still on my mind and made plans to get together on his birthday for a party. Something happened along the way and our fling turned into me living at his house.

Whoa. Talk about quick. I always wondered who those girls were who meet a guy and then a few weeks later they move in together and all that hoopla. Well, I no longer have to wonder as I am one of those girls! Usually I am quite gun-shy about moving in together or taking it to the next level of babies and or marriage. Given my track record of running away from boys, it came as a surprise when I moved in with him a month after we told each other we wouldn’t see anyone else. More to the point he told me if I slept with someone else he would be mad and I agreed. I would be pissed if he hooked up with another girl. Oh geeze, that only means one thing… I LIKE THIS GUY.

Here I am, sitting in his room … our room… (still totally his. My clothes might be in the closet but it is still *his* room) waiting for him to get home. So weird. I find this whole situation odd, but in a good way.

In the meantime of us having our lust period where we do nothing but hang out with each other and ignore the rest of society while we tell stories about our past and hopes for our future, I realized who my friends truly are and sad to say, some did not stick it out. I talked about that in a previous post, Death Of A Friendship, but I don’t care. I mean, rephrase that, I totally care that my friend couldn’t handle me disappearing for two months while I got to know said dude with said friend, but I realized I don’t need her.

Fall, I have noticed is a tricky time. The holidays are rushed together in one giant blur and when dating a new person, it makes it a bit awkward. Thanksgiving is a perfect example. I met his parents for the first time and I decided to participate in Drunksgiving the night before. Needless to say, I was painfully hung over the next day and then my blood sugar dropped, leaving me dangerously sick and tingly and basically felt horrible. I nodded off half way through the day and did manage to choke down dinner. (Side note, the gravy was to die for. If I was feeling better, I probably would have drank it.) That was awkward. Nice first impression, I look like a raging alcoholic the day after a bender. I did have the chance to redeem myself as I went with him to his brother’s house for drinks (damn that alcoholic tendency again) on Christmas day. This time, I made sure not to drink heavily the night before (huge fight with the one friend who doesn’t support, so I was upset about that and it almost ruined my night, but didn’t!), attempted to dress festive (wearing red counts right?) actually did my hair and makeup and gave myself a pep talk of how I am going to not shy up and force myself to talk and engage in these nice people if it fricking killed me! Luckily it did not kill me and I warmed up to them.

We are approaching the new year and I am very excited to be spending New Years with a boyfriend who actually wants me and not secretly dating another girl in another state, good friends who I have known most of my life. I feel lucky, thankful and blessed that my life is going in the direction it is.

Enough sappiness! Time to drink this beer that is about to get warm!


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