I’m sitting here, reading a few chapters for my Communication class, listening to a tv show and alternating between commercials and iTunes. It makes me wonder what the hell we did before we could watch our shows online.

I was alive for that, it was actually a few years ago, maybe ten or so, when we had to set our VCR’s to record our show to watch at a later time, or simply just miss it all together and hope for the reruns later that week. Another thing I noticed, how they now play reruns like its going out of style! Of all the shows I could care less about like, How I Met Your Mother. What about the important shows like Desperate Housewives or Weeds? I never see those on reruns. Perhaps because now that I think about it, Weeds is on Showtime, which I think is a premium channel.

Brings me to my next point. I remember being maybe, 7 or 8 when we would get sample previews of the premium shows for about a week or two. Since I have always been an indoor, book nerd type of person, I was way stoked when we had the premium channels on a preview basis. My mom would never cave and purchase it, most often it went in the other direction and our cable was shut off completely. Now a days, do they even still offer free previews to the premium channels? I have no idea since I don’t have cable, haven’t for ages, and watch all my shows online.

Thinking back to my beloved shows I watched as a kid, what the hell happend to Small Wonder?

I remember what a treat it was to eat my tuna fish sandwich in front of the tv in the middle of the day. Naturally, I would get booted off the tv often since I was at the bottom of the totem pole then, but the excitement is still fresh in my mind. Since I asked myself that, I only have myself to answer and I just checked Netflix (yet another super handy way that I don’t actually NEED cable anymore) and they do have Season One. Naturally I had to Google the girls’ name (Tiffany Brissette) and she is doing fine according to a blogger and IMDB.

Here I am now, avoiding homework, attempting to unpack. Well my undergarments were unpacked and that is about as far as I am going to go for now. I suppose I should stop blogging about an actress from the mid-80’s and go back to studying. Those A’s don’t earn themselves!


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