I have a car.

Big surprise, I know. Plenty of people have cars. Some even have multiple cars! When I turned of driving age, my parents bought me a 94 Ford Escort, in a super pretty teal/blue/green/shiny color. I drove that car until it broke down on me in the middle of the night on a dangerous highway, known for killing random people. My parents sold that car for me and then gave me their old car. 1998 Nissan Altima. This is the car that I learned how to drive a stick. Even though I was super grateful for the car, I didn’t earn it and that bothered me. My dad still had control over me with this car and would guilt me into doing stuff (or not doing stuff) because he would hold the car over my head.

One day, after I just got dumped by my supposed “Love of My Life” (NOW, I realize what a joker he was) I decided that I am going to trade in that car, get rid of all the bad memories and buy something that I want, something that I paid for and something I could actually call my own.

Insert car I still have 11 years later. I bought a 1999 Acura Integra. I LOVED this car. It was two doors, so I didn’t have to feel obligated to give everyone and their mother rides, it was a stick, which I just prefer now, it was just a perfect car. Well, 11 years later, I still have this car. I have been wanting to get rid of it for awhile, sell it, whatever but I have not managed to. This car has been the best little car I have ever had. As long as I keep her full of oil, water and gas, she will run forever! We have been through some times, that car and I. I lived in her for awhile, I hid her from the repo man for about six months, we have traveled to San Francisco, Vegas, Arizona, and all over Southern California. We have had a great time together. She can handle all my abuse, and does it with grace and style.

Its been 11 years. I am ready for a four door. Leather seats, the temperature on the rear view mirror. When I push a button for air, I want cold air to come out. A windshield I can see out of, everything new (within two years at least). I want to be able to plug in my phone and have it play through the speakers, not the way I am doing it now. When I talk to friends I haven’t seen for a long time, I don’t want to hear, “You still drive that car?” I am ready for a change. I love my car, LOVE her, but I have finally outgrown her. She will be a great car for some young kid who doesn’t mind fixing up a car (we had an unfortunate accident that involved the guard rail on the freeway and bald tires), and the various dents I have collected over the years (parking lot and those punk ass kids that live on the street), and the drunken rage of an ex-fiance who was mad that I hid his keys so he couldn’t drive.


I have been trying to justify buying a new car for awhile now. I think I have finally set a goal. This way I can save a bit for a down payment, plus sell my car and hopefully get my credit cleaned up enough. When I graduate from school with my Bachelors in Business (specializing in Event Planning… anyone want to get married or have a party?!) as a reward to myself, I will buy a new car! Perhaps not brand new, but no more than two years old.

I am so excited. I know this year will fly by and soon … in 547.5 days I will have a new(ish) car!!


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