NAEM… spelled backwards is M.E.A.N.

M.E.A.N = Many Effective Assholes Now.

Or something like that.

I don’t like mean people.

Who does really? I mean, who really wants to be talked down to, yelled at, or any of that other “fun” stuff mean people do?

Starting today, I have decided that I will not allow people to be mean to me or anyone close to me. Business and personal. Granted, I do work in construction, so I have people pretty uptight most of the time, which is understandable, and I am used to the “hot head temperament.” I am talking about people who have no reason to be mean except that they hate themselves. First of all, it is not my problem that you have low self-esteem, hate your wife/husband/mother/father/mailman. Frankly, I do no really care who you hate or why, as long as you are not a dickhead to me.

First things first.

When I must use snail mail, instead of always being courteous and make sure the envelope is the right way, I am now going to put the stamp on the bottom of the envelope. When the person goes to open the envelope, he or she will now have to flip it the correct way. Verizon does that to us and it drives us insane. So every time I have to mail some thing to a cranky pants person, yeah, the envelope will be upside down.

Next, instead of engaging in a fight with a stupid person, I am going to kill the bitch with kindness. Which is more effective, expecting a fight or shouting match or trying to be tough, or just behaving so freaking sweet that the other person doesn’t know what hit them. Keeps them guessing. Or they will think I am a spineless wimp. However, when people I don’t like are super nice to me, it annoys the living daylights out of me because I want them to be real. Bitch, if you don’t like me, don’t act like you do. So, I will do that right back to them. Although when I kill someone with kindness it is usually over the top and makes the other person uncomfortable. I used to have to do that with my old roommate. We would be out together and she would do anything in her power to make me uncomfortable and I would just have to be sweet to her. Must say, that is great character building. Being fake. Who would have thought.

Or stare at them in silence. I used to harass a girl at her work. She was jealous and insecure over my friendship with her dude and she attacked me from behind (big woman there! At least give me a chance!) and bruised my face right before a wedding I was in. Grrr. I found out where she worked and would go in there all hours of the day and night and just stare at her. Never said a word and I would stand in there for a good ten minutes. Then when I would leave, I would smile and wave. She was expecting me to go crazy like her, but my way was much more effective. She wound up apologizing to me a year later. I told her to kick rocks and don’t contact me because she is insignificant in my life. That was fun though. Take that for fighting unfair!!!

That is the only three things I have come up with to “get people back”. I am sick of taking a backseat to mean people and letting them rule everything just because they are miserable human beings and hate themselves. Their own thoughts and behaviors should be punishment enough. I would seriously despise living inside a negative mind.


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