Endless Sunshine

I am a born and bred Southern California girl.

Yes, at times, I wish to leave the endless sunshine, blue sky, and the privilege that I have of being an hours drive away from the mountains, the beach, and the desert. Yet when push comes to shove, I just can not leave the sunshine. I love it too much.

I spent roughly a year in England (one of my successful attempts at fleeing California.. my only successful attempt I should say). I experienced, first hand, the most bizarre rain patterns. The sky could have no clouds in sight, yet it would still be raining. My favorite was when it appeared that the rain would fall from the ground to the sky. Pointless carrying an umbrella then, let me tell you. There was sideways rain, windy rain, drizzly rain, rain that would turn into snow then back to rain. I don’t think I have ever experienced so much rain in my life.

Naturally when I got back to California, during summer, I was immediately that girl with heat stroke. I just couldn’t hang with my beautiful sunshine.

Whoa, way off topic.

I was driving earlier today and it was muggy out. Hot and muggy and cloudy. Then out of nowhere there was this torrential down pour. You know those rain like shower heads? That is exactly what it was like. My Grama used to tell me that when it rains, God is crying. Well, he must have had his heart stomped on for how much water fell from the sky. I stopped at a stop sign and just sat there watching the rain.

It was amazing.

Through my cracked windshield, it was as though I was sitting in a shower with a fancy rain shower head. The water came directly at my car, but I was able to see each individual drop from the high beams (I am blind, remember? Bad rain driver slows down?) It came down heavier and thicker. Each rain drop had such a mission to hit the ground, gather and flood the streets. It was pitch black out and the rain drops were a sparkly clear and the whole experience was surreal. I felt as though… I was alive. Well, alive in the safety of my car with the doors locked  .

Naturally, us Southern Californian’s are not used to water falling from the sky. More than half the year we don’t even get rain or a cloudy day. While I was driving home in this downpour, I noticed I slowed down, one because my windshield wipers could not keep up with the flow of rain, and two, I just simply couldn’t see. Our streets were flooded, and I thought of all the poor wild animals who have to seek cover.

I am excited for tomorrow, when I check a local road that floods every time it rains. Uh-May-Zing how low the road is and how much it floods. Image

I guess my point to this blog is, all you other states who make fun of us for being horrible drivers in the rain, its simply because we are used to sunshine. And I am one of those bad drivers. I’m unable to SEE!

Oh, the mud after a rain like this. I must get a 4×4 truck for pure blissful fun.


5 thoughts on “Endless Sunshine

    1. Oh my! I would probably pull over and cry on the side of the road until it either passed or someone came and rescued me. My hat is off to you! How was the blizzard-driving experience?

      1. I was driving once on a bridge and there was this big loop around. Late at night coming back from airport.

        All of a sudden the van in front of me started spinning out due to ice. Freaked me out. (not as much as them I’m sure)

        Thank god no one else was one bridge and after spinning they were able to correct. I was always careful on ice after that.

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