Meet my new son… Mr. Kitty

Today, I have become a mother. Perfect timing because tomorrow is Mother’s Day!!

My child, is … a few years old, orange, has cute little white toes, orangey eyes and pretty stripes. Okay okay, I guess technically I am not a mother mother, but I helped out a friends brother today and got a kitty! Mr. Kitty to be exact and I LOVE him.

Right now, he is curled up next to me, not drooling, meowing or hyperventalting. Whew.

I went to my friend’s parents house to meet Mr. Kitty. I immediately fell in love with him. You know when you see an animal and you just want to shove it in your bag and run away and just LOVE whatever furry creature you just stole? Yeah, I felt that way about Mr. Kitty. He was slightly skittish at first and then he realized that I wanted to pet him and he was all over it. I agreed to take him home with me. Friend’s Brother started to say good bye and it was so sad. I wanted to tear up and promise over and over I would take good care of him, but I didn’t want to interupt the sad moment. I think Mr. Kitty realized something was going on because he started to get a bit freaked out. Read: All claws out. They found him  a box and shoved him in. When the box was picked up he fell through the bottom! They taped the box up and then shoved him in again and he was NOT happy. We quickly put him in my car and Mr. Kitty, in the 4 minutes he was in my car escaped. Luckily the windows were not down and he was able to crawl around.

On our drive home, he was everywhere! Crying and howling (never knew cats can howl) and you would think someone was trying to murder him. I guess in his own way, it was a death. He was just taken by some female who was petting him, away from his comfort zone and stuck in a car. At least every jacket I own was in the back seat so he had something comfy to lie on. He meowed at the top of his lungs for 6.5 miles. I was trying to pet him the whole time and for the most part I did. He calmed down and drooled everywhere for a few minutes until I stopped petting him (to change gears) and started crying again. We get back to the apartment and he was plastered up against the back seat in a ball and was not moving when I called him. I went and unlocked the front door first (thinking ahead!) and went back to get him. Surprisingly he did not bolt out the door like I thought he would. He allowed me to pick him up and from watching My Cat From Hell, I was able to hold him correctly to make him feel secure. We go up the stairs… and welcome to your new home Mr. Kitty!

Mr. Kitty attempted to hide everywhere he could. He wandered around the apartment crying his head off, drooling and looking sad. He hid in the bathroom for awhile, sitting in the bath tub  and then got himself stuck behind the toilet. I drug him out from there and he was okay. He was wet, so come to find out, my toilet is leaking. He cried and wandered around and then hid behind a chair.

I showed him his litter box, set out his food and water dish, gave him a can of tuna, bought some balls (ha) and a collar so I can always hear him. So far, in the few short hours he has:

Drooled all over my bed, hissed at his reflection, meowed his head off, bit me a few times, sat still for a grooming session and the best thing of all? LAID ON MY LAP AND PURRED. I knew things were going to be just dandy after he did that. I gave him some tuna and although he got up to sniff it, he hasn’t ate it yet. At this exact moment, he is curled up next to me while I write this. I think he might be somewhat content right now.  I am listening to My Cat From Hell and every time a cat on tv meows Mr. Kitty looks around! So freaking cute.

All in all, today was a successful day. Time for some serious bonding time with my new cat-child.


3 thoughts on “Meet my new son… Mr. Kitty

    1. Thanks! I forgot how much I missed having a kitty. Although I think he will keep me up all night. He is wandering around the apartment crying looking for his previous family. Eh, I suppose that is “Cat-hood”!

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