The Life of a Roamer…

Last night was our first night together. Mr. Kitty and I. Around 11pm or so, he decided to wake up and terrorize me with his claws and teeth. I figured he was restless and opened the patio door so he could get some fresh air. I knew he was in indoor/outdoor kitty and figured maybe he wanted to lounge around on the patio.

He managed to keep me up all night. He would come in to be pet, attack my arm and then go back to the patio. I felt like I had a baby. I was so tired I could barley keep my eyes open. Still, I would sit up and pet him and then he would bite, claw, hiss, and growl at me and run off.

His meowing became more agitated so I hauled myself up from my soft, warm cocoon of blankets and wannabe sleep and went onto the patio to see what the fuss was about. Thank goodness I did! I caught him trying to leap off a 2 story balcony. He had half his body balanced on the wall and his hind legs were ready to jump. His tail was twitching and I knew he was thinking about how he can get down to the ground. He was running the risk of potential kitty suicide and I think he realized that and that’s why he was paused when i found him.

I decided to be a good pet owner and meet him half way and I took him for a walk. At four am. In my jammies. He wandered around the parking lot, sniffed some bushes, strolled in between the parked cars and hung out under a few cars, out of arms distance if I tried to drag him out.  Stood there and looked at me and meowed. Rubbed his head against my legs. Explored some more. After about half an hour of wandering around, he allowed me to pick him up and we went back inside. By this time, I was hoping he was tired, as I knew I was exhausted. The second we get back to the apartment, he starts yowling again and made a beeline for the balcony and paced along the wall, once again contemplating kitty suicide, occasionally giving me dirty looks.

I had three options. I could lock him in the house and allow his insistent meowing to annoy all four of my neighbors who will then in turn call management on me and I will get a … noise complaint? I’m not sure but I haven’t even been here a month yet. No way can I get a complaint against me already. My next option was to allow him to risk jumping off the balcony and seriously hurting himself. Possible broken legs, broken neck. Then I would have to take him to the vet and hope that he is okay and I haven’t allowed him to kill himself. Or my third option. To let him out and go explore. I didn’t want to let him out. I felt as though I was giving up as a pet owner and “throwing in the towel”. Especially since I haven’t even had him 24 hours. I talked to his previous owner and she told me that he is an indoor outdoor cat and he likes to go out. But he always comes back. I felt bad for forcing him to stay inside and I don’t know if my arm can take any more abuse. Its all swollen from him sinking his claws and teeth into my flesh. From my shoulder to wrist. I opted with the third option and let him outside.

I feel horrible for letting him outside in the middle of the night. I am hoping that with our walk, he realizes where he is and just went out to catch small animals and hang out with the other cats who were yelling their heads off. I am comforted by the fact that his previous owners did say he was an indoor/outdoor cat and he does come back. I felt cruel for forcing him to stay inside and I was too exhausted to think clearly anyway.

So, fingers crossed Mr. Kitty decides to come back. He has a collar on him so at least if someone sees him they will figure he is domesticated and feed him till he comes back. The new family will probably let him sleep in their laps and then once the sun goes down, I assume he will freak out like he did with me and then he will come back. He is neutered so its not like he has to go out and “spread his seed” and impregnate every single female cat in the complex.

If he comes back, GREAT! I got really attached to him really quick. If he doesn’t, then I know another well suited family has him for safe keeping.

Now, its 6:30am. I have not slept at all last night except for ten minutes here, fifteen seconds there and I am beyond exhausted. Fingers and toes crossed Mr. Kitty comes back!!!!


5 thoughts on “The Life of a Roamer…

  1. Hello – my cat has just traipsed across the keyboard as I read your post! They like to wander and ideally you should keep the cat indoors for the first two weeks so it gets used to its surroundings. No doubt he will turn up in due course!

  2. Eh, he hasn’t come back yet. I don’t think he is going to. Usually I have no problem forcing a cat to stay inside, but I have never met a cat who was so determined to get outside. I guess it wasn’t a match with me and Mr. Kitty. I’m going to go down to the shelter soon and find a kitten, one that has never had a taste of the outdoors and never will. 🙂

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