Skinny Vs. Curvy

I am a skinny girl.

I do not starve myself, do drugs, exercise, or anything else people do to get that “perfect” figure. On the contrary, when it comes to my eating habits, I do eat healthy, but during Aunt Flo times I am known to eat a whole box of chocolate in a day and be happy in my glutenous state. I simply eat healthy because I feel better. Second of all, unless you count vitamins, I do not do any type of drug that will force me to lose weight. I don’t smoke shit that is made with chemicals under the sink or take diet pills. Exercise, now that is funny. I have bought countless gym memberships over the years and never went. I do not have the determination to go to a gym all the time and work out with other sweaty people who I allow to feel inferior next to because they can lift all these heavy weights and I struggle with three pounds. So, I don’t go and do passive excercise.. such as parking far away from the door at a store or running up and down the stairs. Recently I bought the Butt Bible and I sweat my way through the 20 minutes of pure torture in my underwear in the comfort of my living room.

Anyway, I have been noticing lately that there has been statements such as:

And, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I slightly took offense to this. Just because I am a skinny girl, I get all the assholes that the curvy girls have kicked to the curb? I do realize its a morale booster for curvy females, to make them embrace their curves, but am I supposed to feel shame or hide my non-curves or just “settle” for the dogs?

I don’t believe that insulting curvy or skinny girls will really help the problem that females face today. We have to some how get it in both skinny and curvy girls’ heads that we come in all shapes, sizes, colors, attitudes, and styles. We are all different in our own way, whether it be big boobs, chicken legs, blonde, ginger, tan, day-glo white. We are all different and one is not better than the other. I don’t think its healthy to teach young girls that skinny girls are only worthy of “dogs” nor do I think that curvy girls should be ridiculed for not fitting into Hollywood’s “ideal” weight.

Hollywood is a bad example for people to follow trends. Just recently I saw that the new style is to shave part of your head in designs. What is going to happen when that style is out? It will take years to grow hair back out to the original length (Well, not with the example, she had the coolest hair design I could find. Some of these gals have hair down to their ass and then shave designs into the side of their head). I don’t get Hollywood and all those wild styles. One season short hair is in, the next, long hair is in. Instead of constantly trying to fit in with what a bunch of stuffed shirts “think” is the next style, be comfortable in your own skin.

I was a rolly poly baby. Four chins, fat rolls on top of fat rolls. If I had a baby picture on my laptop, I would so post it but I don’t (whew). I grew up to be an average sized kid, and once I hit high school I was a scrawny little bitch. Skinny, no boobs, no figure, shaped like a boy. I was tortured. Kids would call me “chicken legs” and make fun of my skinniness and girls would make fun of me for having no boobs (when I look back, I don’t know why they were so concerned about what was under my shirt) or body shape. I used to hide my weight under baggy clothes just so I could go to school without being harassed. I failed PE because I refused to dress for class. No way was I going to strip down and let all those girls have a full go at my undeveloped body. I grew up thinking that skinniness was a bad thing and since I didn’t have boobs or a waist then guys wouldn’t like me. Not exactly healthy for a high school kid to think about herself.

borrowed from

Over time I learned to embrace my skinniness and became comfortable in my own skin. I would strut my stuff (or lack of) and then carry on. If someone didn’t like the way I looked, I would tell them kindly to go “F off” and continue on my merry way. I feel as though I am out numbered by large breasted women. Either natural or fake, boobies that fill out a top surround me. I joke that I am still in my training bra, but it’s not a joke. Its true. The thing is, I don’t know how to help myself being so underweight. I eat right, exercise … enough and take care of myself. My weight is natural. When I turn 50, I should start gaining weight. I still have 20 years to go. So as I read these comments about how real men like curvy girls and dogs like skinny girls, or how curvy women are more attractive than skinny girls, while that is nice to boost the esteem of an insecure curvy girl, it’s not fair to put down skinny girls. I don’t put down curvy girls and often are jealous of them for being able to fill out a top. I don’t see why curvy girls find it necessary to put down us skinny girls. Skinny girls also shouldn’t ridicule curvy girls. This is a two-way street were both parties are guilty.

This photo to my left sums it up perfectly. All women, regardless of their weight, race, boob and skinny jean size, hair color, curve or lack of curve are beautiful in their own way. Society has to stop pointing fingers at skinny vs curvy because it’s not fair. Who cares about us old folk (older anyway), I am more concerned about the young girls growing up who think either they have to be skinny to be accepted or liked, or they have to be curvy. It’s a cruel time for a female, during those formative, awkward years. I was one of those awkward girls. I still am one of those awkward girls! I still feel insecure about my 32AAA bra size because sometimes it would be nice to fill out a top. Just saying. I have to remember though, 


2 thoughts on “Skinny Vs. Curvy

  1. Well said. I think this world would be much better if everyone stopped hating for stupid things. We are all build the way we were and as long as people try and fit someone else’s “normal” they will always be chasing something that always moves and never enjoying what they have. 😀

  2. Exactly!! I know I shouldn’t let silly posts bother me, but its a bummer to have all these curvy people talking smack on skinny gals, especially when the skinny is natural… just like their curves are natural! I just worry for the younger generation and how it will affect them in the long run. Embrace and love oneself! ❤

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