You know you are old when…

Everyone I know is getting married and having babies. I am still single, baby-free and loving my freedom in life. That being said, I am all about the parties that go along with such festivities, such as a bachelorette party weekend. In Vegas.

Once upon a time, in my early 20’s I was able to party all night, take a two-hour “nap” get up and do it all over again for months on end. Now that I am in my early 30’s, as much as I love my thirst for becoming a better person and learning from my mistakes, I am not, come to find out, able to hang very well on a three-day trip to Vegas.

Let me share….

I manage to get Friday off from work from my controlling, anal retentive, mean boss (who is also my father, no chance of him reading this, so I can and will post it!) so two other girls and I left Thursday night. We were so excited to have two solid days of sunshine and pools and three nights of booze and clubs. Our first night we spent on Fremont Street. It sounds like a good idea, but in retrospect, three hot ladies (if I do say so myself) wandering around at four am in downtown Las Vegas is not the brightest idea we have had. The creepers either thought we were from Canada (our lack of tans?), the midwest (our sweet demeanor?) or from California (guess we look the part)  and would holler out and follow us around and try to engage in conversation while the half way decent normal looking guy talked to us while his friends hung back and picked at their faces and eyeballed our purses.  At about 4-ish, we decided to go back to the hotel. And go to sleep.

The next morning, I bust out my laptop and start doing math homework. Just because I am on vacation, I am still going to be somewhat responsible. I cried, like I usually do while working on algebra and decided to do it “later.” We packed up and went to Treasure Island where we were meeting the rest of the girls.


After checking in, unpacking, fixin’ drinks, drinking those drinks, fixin’ more drinks, visit the other girls in their rooms, make more drinks, change into our bathing suits, make more drinks, oh and a shot, why not? we are ready to go down to the pool. I guess we all thought we were super young and can drink like a fish, go hang out in the blistering sunshine and then be prepared to go party all night. Yeah, not so much. The bachelorette fell asleep by midnight, the other girls all went to bed and then there was four. We walked the strip, took pictures with the street performers, bar hopped and went to different clubs. I was sober, some how, and was cranky by the time 4am rolled around and wanted to go to bed.

The next day, we planned ahead, and claimed we were not going to drink that much and stick to beer only. No mixed drinks. Well, five hours later and countless beers, I had to take a nap and woke up not refreshed at all but a desire to party till the sun came up. Which I did. I felt young for a second, going to the after hours clubs and drinking and dancing. Except when I was young, I was all about the hot boys, but this time, I was all about dancing with my girl.

The sun was coming up when we left the club. I proved to myself, that yes, I can still be a young reckless gal, dancing all night… except…

Sunday, I hated life and ruined my super healthy diet by eating large amounts of Pringles. The drive home took us about seven hours. And I haven’t had a good nights rest yet. However, I do have some pretty cool bowls from the restaurant we ate at 6am and Tapitio. Because, we all know, stolen Tapito from Vegas taste way better than store-bought from the local grocery store.

Actually, even though I am still so tired from last weekend and I have two more days before I can really sleep, I think I was able to hang just fine. Stayed out all night, survived the sun and booze consumption during the day.. and even though naps were needed, it was just a way to refresh my batteries and not black out and forget the whole weekend. All in all, I will be ready for a weekend trip like that again… in a year.


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