I am on the loosing end huh?

I came face to face with the Devil a few days ago. Now, I am not the least bit religious, I don’t care what you think and I don’t care what you think might happen to me if I don’t follow your way of thinking. I think what I think, and it brings me peace. However, the Devil stepped into my apartment on this one glorious Wednesday afternoon and insisted that I lay down and not move.

Under normal circumstances, I would have loved to lay in bed all day and enjoy this freedom of watching tv and snacking on crackers in bed. However, this was 4th of July with BBQ’s, pools, beaches and lakes to go hang out in and friends to chat with and people to meet. I did not want to lay down in a dark room with the air blasting because I was sweating so bad I could barley stand it. Every time I attempted to sit up, it felt as though a tire iron smacked me in the head. Now, I don’t know what a tire iron actually feels like, but from watching my healthy dose of cartoons and bad guy movies, I can guess it felt similar to the poundings, slightly sick feeling I had. Obeying the Devil, I laid back down and fell asleep. After many hours of nap time, I woke up and figured I would sit up again. The headache was still there and now I was cranky. Enough about Wednesday. I missed hanging out with friends, the fireworks and drinking large quantities of beer and eating BBQ veggies. Thank you so much for that.

Thursday – blur. I did go to work and attempted homework. Friday – blur. Except I did go to the doctor to be informed that I have a viral infection and nothing is going to get rid of it until the infection which I named “Steve” will be done irritating my body. I can however drink lots of Gatorade, take antacid pills to help my belly from eating itself and headache pills that knock out my headache, but put me to sleep for hours. I am back on OTC headache pills because I really can not sleep through work and get away with it. So, Saturday – blur, Sunday – blur. I had a bad craving for Chinese steamed veggies so I did make a trip out to fetch that and more Gatorade because I was out.

It is now Monday morning. Phone calls are being made to me and they want me to work. WORK!! My headache is back through my migraine relief pills, my stomach is churning even though I put a banana in it before loading up said pills and I have made a deal with the Devil and I don’t know what I am getting out of this deal!.

If my boobs disappear from being so sick… so help me Devil, its war. I work hard for those suckers to grow past training bra status and if they just leave me in the dead of the night… **shakes fist**


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