I just got SO excited. Feels good to be happy for a little bit instead of crying my eyes out. 

Well, like I said in a previous post, I went through a stroll through Craigslist and I sent off a few emails looking for kittens. A few people got back to me but no one would nail down a time with me. I chatted with one girl who has two girl kitties and she was trying to get them to go together. Who is looking for two girl kitties? This girl!! They are both tabby and one is orangey and the other is a silver gray. Yay! 

Instead of sleeping in tomorrow, I get to go to Elsinore (gonna be hard not to surprise visit but … ) and meet some kitties! I am so excited to have two fur balls running around. 

And I applied for jobs all over the world just now. I want to run away, and I shouldn’t but I want to get out of here. So I went back to oil or something like that and just applied to work in the oil industry. My hippie friends will probably have a fit but they are the same friends that support a drug addict nurse. So, oh well. I wonder how else I can stir the pot… Seems like I am hell bent on alienating myself. And oil jobs will give me the chance to travel or leave. And have a career in a some what stable environment. It would be funny if I got placed in Alaska and ran into the ex at a bar or something. That would be just my luck. Enough time would have passed if that was the case so I wouldn’t run away screaming. Most likely start crying. Would be very awkward if he was married. Ew, so weird to think about that. Not ready to think about shit like that, regardless if I made the choice to end things or not. 

Speaking of aliens, I am watching this UFO show and its freaking great. They are all wearing funny eskimo hats and are freaking out and walking around whispering into walkie talkies. I kinda want to join them cos it looks so much fun! They are playing all these jokes on each other. Totally sounds like my type of people!! 

Kittens. 🙂 


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