Viktoria & Blaze

I got two sweet kittens today. I found this couple off Craigslist who had “super chill” kitties. Obviously anyone who describes their cats as super chill are pretty freaking awesome. Just saying on the judging front.

So Blaze gets back to me last night and we agree to meet up at her apartment today. I got lost, of course, and finally made it over there. Mama kitty had like, 10 kittens. Not really, maybe 8 or so but there was this huge kitty ball chasing balls. So cute. When I emailed her, I told her I wanted two. Well the kittens I wound up with she wanted to go together anyway. One is gray with the prettiest pattern on her side. I was looking for a boy cat to name Viktor, but since they are both girls, I couldn’t give a girl kitty a boy name. Its like dressing your boy kid in dresses. You just don’t do it. So I changed it to Viktoria. Its still the same (think Russian accent). The orangey one, I couldn’t think of a name. Every time I looked at her, I thought of Blaze. So I named her after her mama. I texted her and told her, she was pretty stoked on that. And they both love reggae! As soon as I turned on S.O.J.A. they both laid down and went to sleep. We danced around my kitchen and it was pretty awesome. They don’t run away when I sing out loud. They just climb into my lap and sit.

I really think these kitties are going to help me through this hump I am in. I already feel a thousand times better. I think its because I am not alone, even though I am. I am pretty sure he feels the pain of this separation just as much as I do. My period is almost over so that means my tears should go away a bit. I probably have lost many “friends” for calling the board on Shannon. Fuck it, I don’t care. If they turn on me then they do. Whatever. I did the right thing and that is all that matters. Just like when Aaron needed witness statements. I did the right thing and wrote him one because no one should have their kids taken away based on lies. That is some how different but…

I had this weird ass dream. I was pregnant. I was the weight I am right now, all stick legs and stuff but I had this huge beach ball belly. I knew I was pregnant but then I went into labor in my dream and I realized I was alone. My mom was there, but the guy who knocked me up was gone (not even sure who it was in my dream. I don’t remember the good part), I remember crying and wondering where Jeff was and why all my friends left me. It was pretty weird. I woke up all freaked out. Luckily my stomach was as flat as ever when I woke up.

Time for kitty pictures. I love them so much already. ❤ ❤ ❤

This is Viktoria. Aka Snuggle Bum. She is such a sweetie and such a lap kitty.

This is Blaze. She has actually kept her collar on, even though its obvious she hates it. Viktoria’s awesome patterns. She has spots on her belly which is super awesome.

The ride home. They were not the happiest campers of all time. Blaze literally hung out on the seat and Viktoria literally clung to my pant leg. Eventually they both just plopped into my lap and snoozed while I drove.



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