Swapping Lives

Today is a bit difficult.

I am watching a highly educational show called Wife Swap. For those who are unaware of the best show Lifetime puts on, two wives from two different families swap and live how the other family lives for one week then the second week the wives make the families live by their rules. It’s really funny because the producers put atheist families with super crazy christian families. This show that I am watching is a vegan family swaps with a meat lover, kill their own meat type family.

Of course, it automatically reminds me of the ex and his hunting ways. Made me miss him a bit and his highly opinionated opinion that I usually don’t want to hear. haha.

I was holding Viktoria earlier and I realized she was biting her leg. I pulled her little razor sharp teeth away and realized she has fleas! *Sob* I know its not that bad, and of course living with so many cats for awhile, fleas might have been common, but I haven’t taken care of a cat with fleas in so long. Hopefully she is young enough where i can trick her into loving water. Looks like I will be busy on Monday, dunking them in the sink. May recruit my mom to hold or wash. Both the girls walk around with their claws out so it might be a scratchy time.


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