iiiiii33a … said Blaze.

I had a chat today with a friend about the Shannon situation. I was worried she would hate me for my actions and that was one of the few friends I was really concerned about since we have been friends theo0 ytttttt66w2222222222222222222222222 (Blaze just added her two cents). Anyway, we have been friends the longest. We had a good chat. She was asking why I didn’t go to the friends first and took such extreme measures. I asked her how could I go to the friends when all the friends were doing drugs with her? Or when I did go to the friends, Shannon claimed that they were not her true friends. Its amazing what that girl said and I wish I could get those text messages off my old phone.

The girls are hell-bent on destroying everything today. They climbed. Yes, climbed up my pant leg, followed me around, climbed up the maintenance guy’s leg, attempted to book it out the front door and meow their squeaky meow. I made some crab cakes and all of a sudden I had two very friendly fur balls on my lap. I gave them their own dinner of wet cat food and now they are passed out.

I had so much important rambling to ramble about but I passed out so early last night that I forgot what I was going to write. Hmmm… my job search is slow and steady. I applied all over the United States today where there is a high demand of oil jobs. Eventually, if I sign up with enough job boards something will stick and eventually I will find a company that will help with moving relocation costs. I just want to take a break from this place and California in general. I am applying to weird ass states that I never thought I would ever live in. I figure if I can get in with a company eventually I will be able to transfer and climb that corporate ladder. Or not. Whatever, this job search is keeping me busy and distracted. And frankly, that is all I need right now. A distraction.

Off to go snuggle with my babies. They are passed out and I would hate to wake them up but… they were such terrors today that I didn’t get a chance to really play with them. They were more concerned on biting each other and rolling around on the floor fighting.


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