All it takes is one song…

I am sitting here, doing the monthly reconciliation for work and listening to the radio. Just working. A song that I try to avoid came on, which was Suffering. <– Click for the song. Must share it with the world. 🙂 A beautiful song, I must say but…

It brought me back to when Jeff and I first started dating and he realized he was falling in love with me (uh, how could he not??! haha) and got super hammered and I wasn’t feeling well for whatever reason. We went back to his house and he put this song on and poured his heart out. I won’t get into it, once a secret keeper, always a secret keeper but told me about his family and his son and allll this stuff. It was actually slightly over whelming. I didn’t know how to take all this information in all at once and every time he would get up, he was so drunk he would do this funny twirly ballerina dance. That was quite amusing. I have that image burned into my memory.

Back to Suffering, I hear this song and its like a kick to my stomach. I lose my breath, feel sick, and have a longing for something I no longer have. I just have to figure out play lists that DON’T have that song. Just not ready to hear it…



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