Retirement Community? Yes Please!!

I really must get out of the suburbs and into the city. A place where the whole town will not shut down at 10pm and the only place open is surrounded by cops because cops have a much more important task. Like finding murderers.

Don’t get me wrong, all my friends (read: ALL) have families and babies and pregnant and kids and babies and family life and I love each of those kids. I am just not ready for it. I don’t know if I ever want it. I feel as though I am drifting further and further away from everyone because I have NOTHING in common with anyone anymore. Every friend get together is full of kids and what they ate for dinner and whether or not their shitting pattern is normal and oh my! they puked up this weird fucking colored liquid the other day and when are their shots due… speaking of shots, I have to get my kitties shots.

Yeah, I know, I am an animal person and now these precious kittens have turned into my children. However, I can leave them home alone over night with enough food and water and they will be fine. There is a reason why I don’t have children. I don’t know what to do with them first of all, I am unable to leave them overnight alone second of all and third of all, I have to be creative and feed them every night! With kittens I can put their food in a bowl and they are fine. They want their wet food at the end of the day, but that is understandable and doable.

I think this area might be suffocating me too. It is so family oriented and designed for kids. I don’t think kids should rule the world. They should sit quiet and not say a damn thing, especially in public. And ESPECIALLY not running around the store and crashing into my cart. My mom never allowed us to misbehave and if we did, she would pack us up and take us to the car. If we had to leave early, so help us, she was pissed.

I am in my early 30’s unable to even afford rent, have no health insurance, broke as fuck and what? On top of my misery, I have to deal with kids screaming alll the time? At the pool, running in front of my car, every where I go? Even Barnes n Noble, my most favorite store ever caters to kids. Why the FUCK are there toys inside a book store? Should be books! Yet it’s another spot for those short people with small features and annoying voices be loud and run around. I wonder if I can find an apartment building that does not allow kids. That would be nice. Oh wait, it’s called a 55+. At this point, I would rather live in a 55+ community rather than one infested with kids.

I should look into Sun City or one of these retirement communities. Maybe I can go live in the assisted living! I would be stoked to be around a bunch of elderly people. I love them way more than kids. Even though, they were once kids. After homework, I am going to see if I can move into a 55 and over community. Might have to put my mom on the lease and then I will just live there if worse comes to worse and lets hope they don’t read my blog! Then my master plan will be ruined!!



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