Things I have learned about Texas…

Well, I have been out here for two weeks on Friday. Wow, those two weeks have flown by. I feel like I have been out here for months. California seems so far away and so long ago…

I’ve been compiling a list of odd things I have noticed about Texas.

1. Everyone is friendly and waves and says hello. Except for the neighbors upstairs, who don’t say hello at all and only grunt as they walk by. I took Aaron’s lead and make sure to say hi to them every time I see them. HA!

2. The freeway onramp. Now, I am used to a clear way to get on the freeway, but out here, they have these tiny roads next to the freeway and then the onramp is a slight left and thats it! No road signs with lights saying, “Hey! Here is the freeway!” Needless to say, I have missed the onramp many times and its quite unnerving to cross a few lanes of traffic with cars behind me while I cut everyone off to get on the freeway.

3. The freeway. So, I was driving the other day and I noticed that there were a few merges of different freeways. Well, since I don’t know which freeway is what, I seem to always wander onto the wrong freeway. GPS Lady will tell me to keep left and then I wind up on a different freeway. Oops. Needless to say, I am getting the hang of the freeways.

4. Its flat. Which means no mountains… which means that I have no clue if I am going North, South, East or West. TIme to invest in a compas to put on my dashboard. I am tired of being turned around.

5. The roads are long. I thought driving through Bakersfield was tedious? Driving across a four hour stretch is painfully tedious because there is NOTHING but a few run down houses and land. So much open space. I was getting excited when I would spot a Love’s because I knew that there was people, drinks and a good time to stretch my legs and not go insane driving.

6. Its awesome out here. The weather is a bit screwy, and its humid as all hell (sometimes) but I can deal with the weather. I get call backs when I send out my resume, people don’t flip me off when I accidentally cut them off, truck drivers honk at me if my clothes are showing some leg. I mean, what more could I want?!


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