Eat your vegetables or….

I am staying with Becky and the girls. I have seen her scold them a few times, and it is quite effective. I am currently eating dinner (fish and veggies) and I am getting full. One of her daughters threw out her vegetables and got a time out. I don’t see Becky actually giving me a time out for throwing out vegetables, but just to be on the safe side, I am going to eat them! 

I started a new job today. Its with wood, I like wood. Except this time, its wood floors and not cabinets. Some things are similar but some things are way different and went right over my head. I have one week of trial and then we will see if we are a good match or not. Luckily, I get paid for this week. Fingers crossed its a permanent thing because I really want a job and I really want the girls back with me. Its killing me having them so far away. Only 1.2 miles away, but they are not with me, interrupting my homework, burping in my face… the usual that the girls do. So as long as I am patient, things will come together. In the mean time, I must eat my vegetables!! 


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