Settling Down…

I started a new job on Monday. After two weeks of searching actively and attending job interviews, I landed a pretty good job that I think I will be pretty happy at. Its construction, dealing with building homes, dealing with builders and different trades, lots of phone calls, lots of paperwork and basically right up my alley. I may sit alone (eventually, after training is done), but there is no way to get lonely with how much the phone rings and people are demanding things to be taken care of. On Monday, I only worked half day and was so overwhelmed that I didn’t really retain all that much information. On Tuesday, not sure of how traffic will be, I wound up there almost 45 minutes early. On Wednesday (today) I left a bit later, got slammed in traffic and showed up one minute early. Too close for my comfort. I have access to get inside now so if I do show up early, I don’t have to keep my car running for half an hour just for the heater. Which I am glad for. So tomorrow, I will be left alone for the first hour and I have a great plan of getting there early. ANOTHER thing, now that I get up so early in the morning to make it the half hour drive to work, I might actually go to bed earlier, and be more rested instead of that screwy 11pm – 12pm schedule I was on for awhile. 

I was all set to move out of Euless and move closer to the city. I wanted the night life of living downtown, in a fancy loft with an elevator, and outside my glorious one bedroom amazingness I would have bars, restaurants and you know, nightlife. Well, I was driving around, maybe 14 or so miles from downtown and the towns surrounding them… The people!! I thought it was just a stereotype people made up. Nope, its true. Just today I saw a Grand Marquie jacked up on huge ass rims and the car looked so silly! Homeless people never really bothered me, they were homeless, big deal. These people though are the crazy ones that wind up on Cops or Las Vegas Jailhouse (if we were to be in Vegas anyway). Last night, when I was by the airport, there was some crazy ass guy who was chasing a few pit bulls through a parking lot then looked up and saw some dude standing there. He promptly forgot about the pit bulls and chased this dude inside a Jack in the Box. The guy hauled ass inside and the manager locked the door to keep him out. Naturally, I was the only person in a car cruising through a parking lot. Huge way to NOT blend in with my California plates (I really need to get that changed asap to avoid drawing attention to myself). He looked at me, didn’t look at my plates and carried on with his crazy ways of walking the dogs. Where he got a leash, I have no idea. 

Basically, the moral of that story was that I am a huge snobby gal and want to stay in Euless until I at least meet more people (or get a dog) where I can feel safer. At least know a few people in the city so IF something happens, then I am not completely alone or far away. Until, you know, I get established for a little bit. This weekend I am looking at apartments (and applying) so I can get my kitty cats back. They are getting so big and I miss them so much!! I see them every day, but its just not enough. I hate leaving them, but my night life is so busy… haha. Not really, but by the time I get back in the area from work, feed the cats and get back to Becky’s its already close to 7 and then homework, and shower and get ready for the next day… Just too much in  a short amount of time. 

Yesterday, I was driving to work, super early, and I saw the most gorgeous sunrise. If I didn’t have so many bug splattered all over my windows, I would have taken a picture. (Note to self: get more windshield wiper fluid). It seemed like it stretched across the sky for miles and I can see why people thought the world was flat. No matter what direction I look in, I can just see nothing, then a cluster of tall buildings, then nothing, then another cluster of small buildings with the most amazing pink and peach. It looks almost like a painting, the colors are so vivid. 

I bought my first ice scraper today. I was in the quick corner mart (or whatever its called) and I was buying oil. I found a great set of mittens that I can lose in a few days, and … AN ICE SCRAPER. I picked it up, quite excited and brought it to the counter. I asked the guy working if it was a windshield scraper. “For ice?” he asked, looking at me funny. He has seen me before, stocking up on water, coke and other miscellaneous drinks that I might want. I asked him, yeah, is it for ice? He nodded slowly, like I was some weird ass foreigner who has never seen ice (partly true. I am just not weird). So, I am now a proud owner of some pretty awesome gloves, a ice scraper for my poor windshield every morning, oil, to keep my car running, and gas to actually go somewhere! 

Over all, today was a pretty successful day in the happiness department. If only I can focus on school now… 


Over and out. 


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