Happy Little Life.

I am currently laying on the floor, on top of two memory foam things, with the girls in my lap, writing this.

I finally made it into my own place. An adorable two bedroom one bath duplex with a cute front porch and a side yard that is screaming to be filled with plants. There is a slight roach problem that I am aggressively attacking and currently bleaching the living daylights out of all the rooms. I don’t have anything, at all, so its pretty empty. I should find out in a few days if I am approved for the red couch and love seat I found. Its so amazing and I am so stoked I found it. I will probably hit up Craigslist to find a temporary mattress since, sleeping on the floor isn’t going to last much longer. I have the kitchen shelves lined with shelf paper, scrubbed clean with bleach and all the dishes are hand washed with love. No choice because I don’t have a dishwasher. Or a microwave. Or a washer and dryer. I do have a stove!! And a fridge! And a toaster oven that I just picked up from Walmart. Some of these things are necessary. And a toaster oven is a must have, especially since every time I turn on the oven, the smoke alarm goes off and scares the living daylights out of Viktoria.

I ordered utilities today. Soon everything will be coming in. Its so quiet here. I have to get a tv or something for back ground noise. At least internet so I can play music. Well, its quiet minus the cars I hear driving by because I am facing a main busy street. At night time I can hear the train, which is pretty cool. I still don’t know what side of the tracks I am on though.

I hung out with Jake on New Years. He came over and we went on a drinking/roach killing spree. What a way to impress someone! Hey, why don’t you come over … and kill my roaches with me… and… uh… Yeah, that just does not work. We went to Sherlocks for dinner and that place was PACKED. We had one drink and left. I couldn’t handle so many people bumping into me and neither could he. We dined on Taco Cabana which was fucking amazing and came back to the place to drink more beer and kill more roaches. He walked the house and pointed out things where I can do home improvement, like, caulking at the windows and doors and hang a door in the hall way, and showed me different places to nail wood down to keep the cats from running around between the walls. It was nice to have a guy who thinks about those things, because that never crossed my mind, as I told him. The next day I went out and bought a hammer, nails, and caulking and had a ball with caulking the windows, doors and in the bathroom. Who would have thought it was so much fun?

Its awesome to be here. I am so close to work if I take the back roads, I have my girls back, I am meeting people who are so different from the people I left at home. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be an amazing year. It had already started off great!!

Pictures to come, once I get internet. Especially after I start decorating. This place has so much charm and potential!!


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