Ice! Snow! Oh My ….

I have been in Texas for one month. Give or take a few days. In that month, I have found an amazing job that I really love, the cutest little two bedroom one bath duplex (close to the train station and walking distance from work), and met a bunch of people. Finally, my life is going in the direction I want it to.

I left California for a number of reasons. The cost of living is way too high, the amount of money I was making to survive was barely enough, the people, the nonsense, the weather, just everything about California was dragging me down to the point of suffocating and feeling helpless. Now that I am out here, it doesn’t seem helpless anymore. Everything is falling into place. Its a great feeling and I am happy for this to be turning out so good.

I move into the new place on Sunday. I have managed to save up enough money for the first month and deposit. How I did that with all my shopping, I do not know, but when I put my mind to something, it eventually works out. I have two memory foams and a few blankets. I don’t know exactly what I am going to do about furniture and cooking supplies, so I figure I will go to GoodWill and just pick up stuff again. Its the most cost effective thing to do at the moment and until I can fly back to California to pick up my stuff, that is the only option I have right now. So basically, every woman’s dream… I get to redecorate AGAIN! I get the girls back and they are going to have a field day having their own bedroom to run around in. I should pick up another cat tower for them so they can climb their little hearts out.

I experienced my first snow the other day. It was quite interesting. I came out of the theater and there was snow everywhere!! Piled up on cars, on the ground, in the trees. All these people were trying to get into their cars and the doors were stuck (mine included) and my poor fingers were little blocks of ice. I had to open the passenger side door and climb in to my car that way and open my drivers side door from the inside. Every one was trying to scrape their windshield with cardboard and credit cards. Luckily, after the first little freeze we had, I went out and bought an ice scraper so I was prepared. That little ice scraper saw some action that night! It circulated around the parking lot. After the cars started leaving, I sat in my car with the defroster on contemplating how I was going to get home. Finally I felt brave enough and started driving. 10mph later, I pulled over and finished scraping my windshield because I just could not see. I made it back to a friends house to feed the kitties and as I got out of my car and stepped on the sidewalk I started sliding around and almost ate it on the ground. My vans are not very snow or ice savvy. I rolled my ankle but not in the way where it was swollen, just to the point of realizing that I came really close to having my bum on that wet ground. I slid around on a bridge a bit but i just took my foot off the gas and kinda slid a bit. Luckily I was going so gosh darn slow and everyone around me was going super slow that there wasn’t a problem. My boss was asking me how the driving went on Christmas and I told him about the bridge experience. He just started laughing and laughing and has been giving me tips as he thinks of them on how to drive. I found an icicle on my car the next day and got all excited and was taking pictures of it. Its the little things that bring me the most joy. A cold beer on a freezing night, snow in a bush, hanging out with friends… the lifestyle is so simple and pleasant out here. I know its only going to get better because as I learn my way around the area, experience the sights, meet people who are so different from me (or in some cases, who come from California too!), I know that I made the right decision. And funnily enough, the Californian’s that I have met out here – and there is tons of them – all say the same thing I do, that we can never move back. The lifestyle is just too awesome out here.

Finally, I do believe I have found my happy place.

On that happy note, I am off to take a scalding hot shower so when I do go to bed, I will be toasty warm and create a humid environment with my wet hair. Did that on accident a few nights ago. Worked great to keep me warm though! In an awkward damp way…


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