Kind People Make The World Go Round

Another weekend comes to a close. And another weekend happens were I attend work on Monday covered in bruises. I must need more iron or something to stop all these bruises from happening. Or stop partying. That might be a good one.

I have been cleaning this place, bleach and caulking the living daylights out of it. I thought it would be a good idea to start drinking early on Saturday while I was cleaning and chatting with the ladies who are now sprinkled across the United States. In a few months, I am taking a weekend trip to Florida. I am really looking forward to that. I love Florida. I wanted to go out for Spring Break, but realistically, I would rather go on an off weekend so that way air fare is cheaper.

Back to shots, so I was taking shots while chatting with the girls and I realized fairly early that I got a pretty good buzz going. I was supposed to go out on a date last night and he hit me up, asking if I was going to be able to last till 11 when we were supposed to meet. I told him, yeah, I am a fucking champ and can last all night. After deciding that I didn’t want to go on this said date after all, I goofed off for a few more hours. Then around 9 pm, as I was looking at pictures he sent me, I realized that I should probably go on this date. We have been talking about it, he was going to cover my drinks and actually pick me up and I realized that I was missing out on a great opportunity to meet new people. So I decide to hop in the shower and THE FUCKING WATER WAS COLD. Oh my god. It is damn near impossible to shave my legs with goosebumps. I was trying to wash out conditioner with cold water, I was shivering and cold and when I got out, the house was cold because I turned down the heat. Oh My Fuck. I called my home improvement go to guy, and asked him whats up with the water heater. When he first came over he gave me a brief lesson on gas heaters. I checked for the blue flame, it was there and he told me to check the book on how to adjust the temperature. I found the book and it might as well have been written in Greek for all the sense it made. I turned it on and off and then said fuck it. I was already cold and wet so it wasn’t like I was getting back in the shower that night. I started doing dishes and the water was super hot! I checked the shower and that water was hot too! Come to find out, I just had to reset the darn thing. Problem solved.

So he calls me and gave me a few landmarks of where he was at. I started to laugh because I can get to Becky’s, Megert’s and work. Anything beyond that, I am clueless on where stuff was. He started naming streets he was passing and all of a sudden it sounded familiar. Josey Lane, a nice road, has everything I need on it. Walmart, gas station, dollar tree, taco cabana… and if I go straight up Belt Line Road then I have all the other important things… bars and the liquor store. He came and fetched me, and we went to a what I thought was a divey bar, but was more like a sports bar. The bartender made my drink all vodka with a hint of a splash of cranberry, so needless to say, one put me on my ass. The date went well, he has a kid which totally sucks, but he has a good government job, truck, all the stuff I require. He is extremely open minded which is always a plus. Conversation flowed smooth, no awkward pauses and it was, overall a good date. I was happy I decided to go out. Come 2am, I was drunk, and chatting with the people around me. I know what bartender to hit up for stiff drinks, what is in a grape bomb (grape vodka and redbull) and what line dance goes to what rap song. Apparently there are more than just that one that everyone knows. I slither out of my barstool, stumble to the parking lot, go home, do more shots and then…. I wake up in my bed the next morning with the most god awful horrible miserable hangover.

Since the first half of the day I was crying to myself about how horrible I felt and counting the bruises that have accumulated on my body, the gal I work with gives me a call and comes over with her husband! My boss, bless him, gave me a tv and tv stand (with wheels!), and a shit ton of kitchen stuff. Tupperware containers, a blender, George Foreman grill, a huge cast iron skillet… plastic cups and bowls, just so much stuff. Tiff told me that if I go on Craigslist and find something for the house, like a table and chairs or whatever, they will give me $100 to help me get settled in. The Harris’ are such kind people, that I am so thankful that they took me in under their wing like they did. Not only do I work for them, but they have helped me out in so many ways. I have a new adopted family! Tiff has helped me out alot too. Such kind individuals. Her husband sprayed the place for me with super strong bug killer and checked my water heater to make sure everything was working okay. I have killed a few more roaches today. Those little bastards should be gone sooner rather than later. This stuff takes time.

So now, its 9pm and I am ready for bed. Going to go take a HOT shower, some migraine relief to get rid of my cramps, headache (have a huge bruise on my forehead) and snuggle down with the girls and have a lovely night sleep before all shit hits the fan tomorrow. Hopefully not, but the guys were booked this weekend and I can only keep my fingers crossed that everything went smoothly. Otherwise, it will be many phone calls. Its okay though, because I really enjoy my job and actually look forward to work in the mornings.


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