How to tell if you’re in the ghetto…

I had to do laundry. It was about that time. Had no more pants or thermals. My washer and dryer are delivered on Monday and I just don’t want to wait that long.

I load up my clothes in my laundry hamper I got from the dollar store and the handles break. I pick up my hamper and it’s doing okay and survives the trip to the car. After driving in circles for a bit I find Coin Laundry in the ghetto part of town I stay out of.

Here I am, skinny white girl walking into uncharted territory. Why is it in all he movies there is the hot girl folding her little tho G’s and dorky guys falling over themselves trying to get her attention? Here, not like that.
First off, they don’t sell laundry detergent. I have to go to fiesta to get it. I’m on very limited funds and don’t want to spend alot. Figure the dollar store is just as good as any store. The windows are blacked out and I can see piñatas hanging from the ceiling. The front doors have bars on them and I walk into be most awkward dollar store ever. It looked as though their shelves were lined with McDonalds happy meal toys, all their soap was in Spanish and an abundance of Mary figurines. I pick up my soap and make way to be cashier that is standing behind a case filled with cheap, quarter machine jewelry. I patiently count out my quarters and am surprised when he does not count with me in Spanish. I leave the store to get back in my car (not walking across the dark parking lot…and it’s raining) and go back to Coin Laundry. I go to the back and low and behold! I find the soap and fabric softener vending machine. Ugh.

I’m inside now, everything is in Spanish, there is a Mexican soap opera on tv and … I only have a few hours to kill. Why don’t they have bars next to laundromats instead of a vacuum cleaner repair store and another jewelry store that sells cheap, 25 cent vending machine toys?!

The bonus tho, this will really make me appreciate the washer and dryer, and I will have clean pants.

And everything is a learning experience… right? RIGHT?!


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