Here I go…

I’m finally settling in. I have been in Texas for almost 7 weeks. My cold has disappeared because I realized that I had MOLD on my memory foam. Makes sense why I was only sick in the morning and at night. My whole bed is now torn apart and I’m on the couch. It’s super comfy, but it’s too small for me and the girls. Since they are bigger now, they take up much more room than what they used to.

Jake had turned into a friend, and we share similar stories about moving into a place with nothing. We feel each others pain. 🙂 We had a nice chat last night, it’s nice to talk to people again. I was hit up by this guy on pof when I first moved out here. He seemed chill but then when I gave him my phone number he turned into a crazy texter!! I just ignored him and eventually he left me alone. Come to find out, after changing my city he hit me up again. I didn’t realize who it was so I responded. Oops. Now he realizes that I live in the same city. Hope I don’t get pulled over! That would be awkward. Can cops just give out fake tickets if they were denied? The sooner I change my plates, the better. Just to be on the safe side. I was asked out on a proper date today by the sales guy that comes into the office selling office supplies. I tried to weasel my way out if it, but with his sales skills I wound up giving him my phone number. DAMN. Oh well, there is no harm in having friends I suppose.

Now, time to head to Arlington and check out what a NON roach filled apartment looks like, after I feed the girls of course.


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