Wrong side of the tracks

I took a trip today. It was interesting and I don’t think I will repeat this experience if I can help it. Which I totally can help it and so therefore, I won’t do it again. 

I was told that the Oriental market is a good place for fresh fish. Ah, see where this is going? So I walk in and notice no white people. I am just trying to find my kind too, but seem to miss out on where they actually shop. I crossed the tracks to the “good side of town” and realized that even though I was in the “good” side, I was still walking into a world that I have no idea about. When I first step into the store, the smell of fish damn near makes me fall to my knees, gagging, and crawl out of there. I sucked it up and continued to go deeper into the store. Everything was written in their funny little stick pictures and I had no clue what was what. I was able to figure out the veggies, but there were some weird things that grow in the ground. Wouldn’t even know what type of fruit or vegetable it was. I mosey on over to the meat section and there are so many gross things. Gross sea creatures, and weird looking meat. I skipped that whole section and went down the freezer aisle. Pointless, because I don’t know what the stick pictures are. Finally I noticed on the packages that there are pictures of a pig or a chicken. AHAH! They are smart! I was able to figure out what was meat and what wasn’t because the vegetarian stuff actually said vegetarian. Although knowing my luck, vegetarian actually means house cat. Secret words and all. I walk up and down every aisle, looking for baby corn on the cob in the can. The aisle said it had it there, but, i couldn’t find anything that looked like corn. Lots of weird ass mushrooms though. Pickled mushrooms, jarred, dried, fresh, in seasonings, in glass jars with other unidentifiable objects in it. The smell of fish got worse and worse and suddenly I found myself at a fish butcher! The salmon looked to die for so I bought a pound of that and then bought cat fish. No clue what to do with it, but I will find something. As I was inspecting their fish selection, I saw full fish, live fish, some stringy looking white things, little fish, big fish, shrimp. I could take a scooper for like pinto beans and scoop up shrimp. Ugh. So gross. And it smelled. Double Ugh. 

I continue walking and i found the largest top ramen aisle I think I have ever seen. So many different kinds! Kung Fu, stick pictures, cursive writing with no actual letters, just squiggly lines. I did find the Indian section which I was eternally grateful for. It had all my favorite sauces and all concentrated so I can keep it for awhile. 

I escaped that place, crossed back over the tracks and then set out for Family Dollar and Kroger. I wound back in the Mexican section of town and frankly, I was quite comfortable to be there after experiencing the Oriental market. So I learned my lesson. Stick with what I know. I can navigate my way through Spanish and figure out what is going on. Stick pictures, not so much. 

I did find bamboo shoots for super cheap though. 🙂 


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