And I am Here.

I get home from work between 5:05 – 6:00 depending if I have to work late. I reverse into my parking spot, usually taking up both of them (YES, after so many apartments of not having enough parking, I now have two parking spots for JUST ME!) and yank on my gate to open it. The previous tenants had a seat belt attached to it, so I can “buckle” my gate together fromt the inside. I used it once, to test it out and it froze that night. It was not fun trying to get the seat belt to unattach itself. Just in case of the freezing, I haven’t done that since. Once inside the side yard, I grab ahold of the seat belt and yank on it, to make sure my gate is closed. I walk a few steps, up two wooden steps and unlock my back door. I have a sink to the immediate right and a dryer to the immediate left and a tiny space to squeeze through. I walk in, pushing the cats back with my foot so they don’t get outside, and drop my purse and keys on top of the dryer, and make a beeline to the cats room to feed them. They wind them selves around my legs, causing me to kick them. I try to remember to shuffle my feet, but they are so energetic that I kick them anyway. After I feed them, I come back to the living room and just stand there.

I am amazed that I have this place. I am in awe that I made a decision to move, packed my stuff and … just left. No plan lined up, nothing really in place, just figure I would wing it once I got out here. And I did. I hustled, thats for sure, but I came out with no plan in place. Every day when my alarm goes off and I groan and grumble and hate getting out of bed early and into the freezing living room, I get ready and once I am out the door about ten minutes later, I am happy. I’m happy to go to a job where I get yelled at in Spanish, which I ignore because eventually I will answer back in Spanish, I am happy to stress my way through eight hours of trying to get houses their floors in time for closing. I am happy to run home on my half an hour break to make a sandwich and rush back to forget to eat it because I am on the phone. I love all of it. I love coming home to my girls, my place, my sense of peace. Yeah, it will be much better once I get my stuff from California, I can finally stop sleeping on the couch, but I am just so happy about how far I have come.

I only work out when I am happy. Needless to say, I have been working out again and I feel like my life is finally on track. Back to doing school, work and being happy. Its such a good feeling. šŸ™‚


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