I Can Do It Myself!!

Yeah, but sometimes one must ask for help. I think I can, just like the little engine that could, I think I can do everything myself and if not, I will figure out a way. Yeah, that doesn’t always work out. Take my hot water for example. One month of this crap of me adjusting the water heater temperature, showering every other day to stock up on hot water… no. I finally had to ask for help and called my land lord who called the plumber. The plumber did come out today and come to find out, there is a safety on faucets now for children and handicap. The rest of the water is scalding hot, where a child or disabled person could easily reach (kitchen sink) but noooo! I had to suffer for one month trying to get the damn thing to work. Finally it works. First thing I did? Take a long hot bubble bath. After sitting in it for about eight minutes I was already bored and sweating and ready to get out. The girls decided to come join me in my bath and stick their paws into my bubbles. It was quite funny actually. They didn’t actually get in.

I took a hot bubble bath and then realized my hair looks like shit. I so need a trim. Once again, I get the idea that I can do it myself, and out comes my sharp sewing scissors and off goes some hair!! I trimmed the length, whacked off about an inch or so. How does it look? Okay I guess from the picture I took. I even gave myself bangs! Now those puppies came out much better than I expected. It must have been all those years of trimming my bangs in between hair cuts. I mean, it would look way better if a professional did it but since I don’t have the funds to even go get a $6.00 hair cut, I am going to have to do it myself.


Well since wordpress has changed their whatever, I don’t know how to make this smaller. I don’t feel like figuring it out right now… so y’all’s  get a nice big picture of my hair cut.

I did get myself a second job. I hit panic mode the other day and realized that I am super broke for all the expenses that are coming up soon. Flights to Cali, Hawaii, Florida and North Carolina are all on my to do list before 2014. I mean, it seems like a long time away, but it really isn’t. Plus I would like to start paying off bills, get my credit in good standing, and get a new car so I can start commuting to work in the next year or so. I have been saying that for years though. Who knows when it will actually happen?! However, I did actually get a second job. I have to get certified in serving alcohol and get some cash together for a uniform, but hey! I have a job in about two weeks or so. Once I get paid. I am pretty excited. I will be driving to Fort Worth, but I am out in that general area all the time, every weekend. I might as well drive out there and make money instead of blowing money. And I think the schedule is flexible enough that I can take off those weekends I need to so I can leave town. Cali and Hawaii are the super important ones.

I wonder if this room has mold in it and I don’t know it. I started sleeping back in here because I was sick to death of the couch and I have been sick again. Sore throat, runny nose, headache, the sniffles all over again. i thought it was from working out, every time I start a new work out, I get super sick. I am not sure what it is this time though.

It is now 10:42 and I should be going to bed. Most likely try to watch more of the Lorax, the cutest movie in the whole wide world!! Def going to put that on my to buy list.


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