Ass Kicking Time!

All good things must come to an end at one point… right?!

The organizational development class that I was in for the last 5 weeks finally came to an end. FINALLY. Geeze that class was annoying. My job came to an end on the same day. However, I confirmed a waitressing gig the same day too. Needless to say, Tuesday was a busy day. Friday is my last day at the office job and … tomorrow is my first day waitressing. Quite funny how it all works out that way.

I put out a few resume’s today, posted on a few job boards and began my aggressive job search. I am quite conflicted though. I would like to take a break from office work and just waitress but the hourly wage is 2.13. What the…? I don’t know how that will work out yet. I guess I will figure it out tomorrow.

I still don’t have any heat. My fridge is still just chilling at a warm temperature. The roaches are still here. Grampa sized roaches. I can hear them crunch under my shoe. Its fucking disgusting. I don’t know what the point of the extermination that came a week ago. I still have the bastards!! I killed about four today. Ugh. So gross. Basically, my living situation sucks ass, but oh well. I have a place to live. I will figure this out eventually.

Its midnight and I should be sleeping. I have a long double tomorrow. My bank account has $7.00 I am really excited and really nervous to start working. I haven’t waitressed in so long that I should have been practicing with a tray. Damn. I just thought of that now. And heels!! I have to go get those shoe inserts so my feet stay attached to my ankle.

I hope this shit works out. Money is back in my bank, a job is soon, and I get my heat turned back on.

It will. I just have to tweak some things and go kick some ass. I am ready for a trip to California though. I am slightly homesick and really wanna see my mom. I miss her.

Oh! Know what I learned through the house nightmare? I really am not able to do it myself. Bastards!!!


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