Code: Disney

Well well well. Code enforcement came out today to inspect the place. They will force the landlord to take care of the stuff that is outstanding. Which is nice, I am tired of freezing my ass off and not using the refrigerator. At least my freezer works. But its so gross, when I turn on the oven, the roaches come out from under neath it and when I turn on the stove top they come rushing up. I burn the fuckers, but still. They are everywhere. I found a dead baby one in my silverware drawer. I understand this is Texas and there are roaches everywhere but c’mon!! There must be a way to get rid of them or keep them outside at least. 

Job is going good. Murdered my feet. My poor toes have a blister on each of them and these massive blisters on the balls of my feet. I am getting back in the hang of waitressing, its just tiring when the 7th hour rolls around and my feet are killing me. I am determined and LOVE my days off. I can get so much stuff done, call government places and all sorts of things! Nothing I could do with a day job. And I am stoked on working nights. So natural to stay up all night instead of getting up early. If anything, this is a nice break from the mundane office work. 

Since its 7pm and I don’t have to work until Thursday night, I am going to go eff off some more. Its a nice break of doing nothing. I haven’t had a day like this for ages. As long as I don’t have them all the time, then I should be good. Its the day in and day out of doing nothing that creates mischief and gets me in trouble. 

I had a shot last night, first one in a few days. It was weird. Ever since I stopped working at my old job, I suddenly quit drinking. I would come home and drink to the point of black out or pass out (which ever came first) and would wake up the next morning with no hangover and do it all over again, every day. As soon as I found out that I was laid off, my drinking stopped. I thought that was interesting how the two tie together. Now that I am in a drinking environment, I don’t even want to! 

Time to go watch some Disney movies. 


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