Its not always cupcakes and skittles…

Tonight, I have completed my 3rd day at my new job. Now, I know waitressing is hard work, that’s why I never did it before! But THIS is fucking. Hard. Work.

Take Asshole Table. I picked up their table and they opened a tab. They were a couple of old guys with thousands to spend. Which they did. My god, the amount of money that passed through their hands and the amount of drinks they had. I pissed off one girl because I wouldn’t server her because she was underage. Yeah, my job isn’t worth your drink, child. So this guy kept buying drinks for the whole freaking bar practically. He had a real issue with keeping his hands to himself and we almost toppled over when I was yanking my hand away from him. So after running, back and forth to the bar fetching drinks for him and his ladies, he is ready to close out his tab of $320. The prick didn’t tip. Accused me of robbing him and his exact words were, “You fucked up.” No, I think YOU are fucked up, considering you can barely freaking stand. He bought $340 worth of dollars from the bar and got his tab and that confused. I had receipts for both but he didn’t see it. Fuck him. Next time I see him, I will ignore his table. No amount of money is worth the bullshit he put me through tonight. They tried to keep ordering drinks and I ran one last drink order for them and pocketed the change on the last order, coached by another gal who told him that under no circumstance is he not going to tip me.

I had another table that was a fucking blast. They had a great time, I had a great time serving them, they were laughing and having a ball. Those are the people I like to work with. I ran into a guy who was spitting image of my brother. Their hair was the same, the only difference is he had brown eyes and Ronny does not. It was kinda weird though, I felt like my brother was hitting on me but it wasn’t him.

Over all, I had a great night. I received some great advice from a gal who has been working there for 15 years. She said if I was interested, she would coach me a bit. I need to figure out this bitch attitude. Then people won’t NOT tip me like that prick. The bartender said that happens though, some people are assholes.

All I know is I am making money and that is the whole reason I took that job. I am in a club atmosphere 5 out of 7 nights a week… I am making money instead of spending money and finally full filling my night owl tendencies. Yay!

Its now 4:36am and I have a raging headache and am so tired. And my toes are still numb. So freaking weird.


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