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UGH! People piss me off. It may not sound like I am a happy person with all the bitching that I do, but I really am. Its just that I don’t have patience for annoying people. 

I miss my friend. So fucking shoot me. I know, even better, it would be wise to throw away a friendship for a stupid, insecure old bitch. Thats a great idea. You know, its such a good idea that I just had to share it with all of the blogging world. I know people get in new relationships, but when someone bitches so much about how they are “losing a friend” after breaking up and then can throw that “friend” to the street the second another female walks into their life is pretty fucking sad. I have managed to keep most of my exes as friends because even though we totally SUCK as a couple, we don’t suck as friends. I just started talking to my first ex fiance the other day. Our conversations go into the gutter almost as soon as we start talking. We shared a sexual past, and we speak of it and how it works with new people and stuff like that. 

The thing is though, don’t promise what you can not deliver. Don’t say that an old bitch won’t come in between a friendship when it will. I can not stand people who make promises they can not keep. Just ONE week ago, he was promising that no matter what, and I quote, “… I told you I wouldn’t stop talking to you right? … But a friend of 18 years is something worth keeping more than a women I only known for 2 months.” 

Oh well. What am I going to do? Bitch about it for a little bit and then let it go. Its like when I chose to stop talking to Shannon … and then she chose to stop talking to me… and now we are not friends and we don’t talk and that was about a 15-year friendship that ended. I realize as I grow older, its not the amount of friends I have, but the quality of friends. Shannon obviously was not a quality friend and even through her soberness, she still doesn’t seem to understand. I miss her but besides telling her happy birthday, I won’t contact her. 

I guess its the same thing with him. Oh well. I win some and I lose most. The ones who chose to check out of my life, I have no control over and I might as well just get over it. “It is what it is.”