No one frowns while two steppin

I have been in Texas for almost a year and have nothing to show for it. A few broken hearts and not much else.

Then. Out of nowhere, my life has changed a dramatic 180. I got my dream job, planning weddings. Eventually I would like to move onto music and extreme sports. Not a doubt in my mind that I won’t achieve it. I will succeed at anything I put my mind to.

I went to this country bar tonight and there was a band there called Bart Crow. I think I seriously fell in love. The music was so touching and in your face (but in a nice way) and the band so energetic, a mix between country and rock… (hmmm… slightly rockabilly i suppose) and i realized that I am finding myself in Texas.

Fuck California.

Fuck everyone IN California. My life is not out there anymore.

And I came to the conclusion, no one frowns while two steppin’.

That’s gotta say something.


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