I am so fucking lost.

I moved to Texas for better things. A better way of life and I think I made a mistake. There is no one place that is going to offer me a better life. I have to take what I have and create something. I thought moving to a place with more ample jobs would allow me to blossom into what I know I am capable of. So far, I know that I am capable of getting a job, but what about keeping it? One where I won’t always have my hours cut or join a business that is struggling. I just want to work a fucking job, make money and be content on my own. It seems as though that is too much to fucking ask for! I am forced to give up my stupid fucking apartment because I can’t afford it because some fucktard stole my car so I had to get something else, something that won’t break down on me because I don’t have any mechanic friends anymore. 

I am so lonely but so broke that I am stuck. I don’t turn to anyone because what the fuck is the point? 


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