Just Try It

Today marks one year that I moved to Kauai. Timehop happened to let me know that it was 49 degrees (in JUNE in Southern California) and I was able to get a straight flight from San Diego to Lihue. One year ago today I was about to start an adventure of a lifetime. One year ago I took a leap of faith and moved to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One year later.

Guess where I am now? Still living the tropical dream on Kauai? If you answered no, then you are correct. I am right where I was a year ago, living temporarily with my parents while I try to figure it out. Kauai didn’t work out for a number of reasons (more about that later). The important thing is that I tried. I tried to make friends (and eventually I did), I tried to move out of my aunt and uncles’s place (I did not), I tried to make it work. I really did. This year’s resolution was to take “try” out of my vocabulary and “just do.” It was fitting for this year because I wasn’t able to just do – everything was a struggle and I tried my best on it and it JUST DIDN’T WORK. Sometimes, no matter how bad you want something, it just won’t happen.

And that is totally okay. It feels like a let down and as if it was a failure, but at least there was an effort to change. At least I tried.  If I were to live life scared to try new things, what is the point? Seriously. What would be the point of waking up every day and living each day? Being scared  to try all the time isn’t healthy.. For example, I have always been afraid of spiders. Like, burn the house down and run screaming away. One time a boyfriend in England caught a huge garden spider and chased me around the house with it in his hands. I screamed bloody murder and locked myself in the bathroom, trying to not hyperventilate because I was so scared. I won’t get those moments back. I wasted precious time being scared of something that is more scared of me. Moving to Kauai and dealing with spiders the size of my hand, I suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. I saw a spider earlier on my door and it noticed me and ran around in panicked circles. I don’t exactly know where its at right this moment, but I checked and its not going to hurt me. And if it does, that is why we have emergency rooms. But I had to try to understand the spider. Give it the benefit of the doubt that it wasn’t going to bite me (and I’ve been bit by a black widow before).

That is what Kauai taught me. To not be scared. To face fears. To take a step out of my comfort zone and frog leap into the unknown. To just TRY.

What are some things you are scared of and want to try?

Lesson of the Day:

Don’t let fear rule your life. If it is scary, there is a good chance that you will learn and grow from it. And the worst that can happen – it just won’t work out. But always try.


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