A little of this and that…

April 27, 2008

Well well well. Going on my… 3rd week here. We finally got  a clock for the living room and I can tell the time again! No longer do I have to guess based on where the sun is positioned. I’m still kinda goofy on the days of the week and dates and silly things like that. We got a “telly” from Nicola’s (Haggis’ sister-in-law) mother last weekend. What a blessing! I have my morning tv mapped out in between my journaling (now that the converter is working, i can plug-in all my electronic goodies) and making jewelry and of course making coffee a few times a day. For someone who doesn’t like coffee, I’m sure drinking a lot of it. Funny enough i haven’t been sick out here once. I’m drinking and eating everything i could never eat or drink in California without getting sick. Must be  because of all the “farm fresh” ingredients I am ingesting.

Good news, we are getting a phone line in May 6th. I don’t know what BT (our phone company) think. We have been calling them for days and they keep telling us to plug the phone into the wall to see if there is a dial tone. We did that once and there was no dial tone and then they tell us to do it again? if it wasn’t there the first time then i doubt it will be there the second time. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. Once we get the phone line then we can call back and get internet and then once that happens then I’m back in touch with everyone!

The weather has been not so kind to me lately. it was super warm when the sun peeked out from the clouds and the wind decides to stop blowing. Now there was rain, but then again isn’t april known for rain? Today for instance I’m able to run around in jeans, a t-shirt and a light sweater and THONGS. haha. My feet are not even that cold. Last night i went to Rachel’s house and I was standing on her patio and the night air was very pleasant. It may have been the Stella that was warming me… regardless though it was nice.

I found the bar right around the corner from where we live. A three-minute walk tops. I was able to meet some local people. I met this one guy who owns a nursing home 20 miles away from here and he said there is an opening for a nurses aid in  a few weeks time that I can apply for if I would like to. If that being the case he will go to immigration and get me a work visa and if I don’t like the nurses aid thing then I can take my work visa somewhere else but it will be good for 5 years. I was thinking more along the lines of playing checkers or cricket or something with the elderly than changing their diapers. Who knows though. if i do decide to do that then i have to get my license out here. I’m not as scared as i once was… I’m getting the hang of the right hand turns and the blind curves and all that good stuff. Rachel, Brian’s girlfriend, has a really good driving instructor that I’m going to go to so i can re-learn how to drive. I have to take lessons first because i don’t really know the road signs and the basic traffic laws. With the round abouts I’m getting more comfortable with. Yield to the right and all that.

I’m making jewelry but as i make it i realize i like it and then i keep it. Ooops. There are a few people out here who said they will help me get the jewelry out there which is fantastic. Starting in May there is a craft fair on Sundays. For £6 a stall we can go there and start selling stuff.

At night-time since I’m so far away from the town all I hear is SILENCE. There are no people doing donuts in the apartment complex (haha). When the wind blows through the trees its like being at the ocean. The neighbor has peacocks and friendly ones at that. We were walking back from the bar the other night and it was pitch black. A bit nerve-wracking walking back. i was wearing platforms and the ground is uneven. The worst thing that happened, I went ankle-deep in a puddle. I thought i was going to fall and snap my ankle in two. Couple pints of John Smiths and I’m quite tipsy! haha.

Ireland is in the works. Haggy mentioned it to me the other night. Go over there for a quick weekend. How cool is that to just take off to another country for a weekend. I guess it’s the same as going to a different state…but it seems way more fun.

I’m off for now.I was suddenly hit by the sleepies, probably because i haven’t had my 15 cups of coffee. I’m only on my first.


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